Your Homicidols Weekender #235

Good morning! Who else has billions of insects screaming all day and night in their neighborhood? Let me tell you, folks — it’s an absolute gas. I happen to be a big fan of critters great and small, and the more unique and weird and biblical, the better. Fiancee does not share this opinion, so at least once per day I have to grab a broom and sweep nymph shells, deformed adult carcasses and living shrieking cicadas from the front door by the dozen, just so she can leave safely. It’s a hoot.

But in other news, I do have to apologize for a terribly light posting week. We’re entering one of the most horrific busy spells at work, just wall-to-wall stress on its own plus I have some hiring decisions to make and am going through a training course to (hopefully) help one of my programs take the next step, and even though I’ve done a good job of managing my hours overall, the fact is that I just haven’t had the motivation most mornings. Instead, I stare glumly at the news for a bit, check up on things that I know I’ll have to do eventually, feed myself and then lurch into the desk far earlier than I’d prefer. Boo!

So of course this actually was a pretty nice week in idol (back-loaded, fwiw), and thus my malaise is ill-timed, but let’s see how much we can catch up on in a meaningful way.

And That’s What They’re Called Weasel Words

Our old friend is changing identity and announcing a new release all in one shot:

And the new one from BiS is right around the corner:

And from the original successor, BiSH unplugged:

I did not have nice things to say about the new NightOwl EP, but they made a nice MV out of the best song on it by a country mile, so it’s all good:

I love femme fatale more every time I hear them:

Doop dee doop, just force-feeding you more UNDER BEASTY:

The only thing wrong with this NEO JAPONISM tour and announcement therefore is that it’s not coming to the United States:



Whole new bunch of tipToe.s!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Yanakoto Sotto Mute because I love them more than anything else in this goofy scene. They’ve been building to this big live and new member announcement for not nearly as long as my brain first thought (it’s felt like forever since they’d done anything):

And here she is!


As PM noted, someone in RIPLIE here is really having an Iverson moment:

Imagine finding out that TENTENKO did a remix of your music:

I stopped following Kimi no Mawari a while ago and didn’t care when they rebooted, but this is pretty awesome:

Zsasz cover that’s awesome in a totally different way!

MISSEMILY did this:

New digital single from the dope-chans:

For my fellow Kaede stans:

Maybe you can still catch this EIMIE acoustic live set while it’s, uh, live:

We’re all going to miss this weird little ball of energy:

Have a great weekend!