Your Homicidols Weekender #231

Good morning! How are you all doing lately? It seems like we have a light at the end of the coronatunnel these days (all occupants of Maniac Mansion are vaccinated!) in this country at least, but, like, have you seen India? And meanwhile Japan’s back to a state of emergency. I don’t mean to make light at all, but man, it really seemed like idol was really getting its legs again, and with the festival season kicking off and all the usual summertime shenanigans (to say nothing of what a lot of acts no doubt have planned for the Olympics in Tokyo), I do worry about this thing we all enjoy together.

So: Enjoy what you can when you can. As suggested, we’re entering a pretty hot season for idol stuff anyway, what with Golden Week coming up and the summer months, so expect a ton of releases new and upcoming, and plenty of Weekender fodder among the most particularly weird material we can find. But also, go the heck outside! Man it’s nice out.

With the Virus out There? Are You Crazy?

What in the absolute hell is going on at Herosyn HQ?

If you’ve been keeping up with Shirai:

On the plus side (and because I forgot to add it last week), Rinahamu and Pan Luna are teaming up for a new unit that’s got to be the most full-circle thing ever:

This is what Odoro looks like now:

This is the best thing AYUMIKURIKAMAKI has done in years:

Similarly, who gave STARMARIE permission to stop being good?

Explain to me how anybody can be like “I like loud idols” and also not completely moved by UNDER BEASTY’s ability to still absolutely crush it with their debut single?

On the other hand, how did we get from PiGU to REBEL REBEL quite like this in such a relatively short time?

If you haven’t already given BABYMETAL enough of your money:

BiS, or the Curious Case of the More Things Changing, the More Things Staying the Same:

Idol in Focus

“Ominous” and “NECRONOMIDOL” go together like peanut butter and jelly, so much so that you can use the adjective in almost any context and even have it come out as a compliment. For instance, from several days ago, the Necrocalypse getting worse, that was one kind of ominous:

But now this warning for tomorrow with at the very least a new regime? Also ominous, only positively so!

Bonus in Focus

This week’s original Idol in Focus was Chiaki! The hyper-talented Ms. Mayumura is on a virtual world tour, which is extremely on brand:

Also this happened, and between the Olympics tie-in and the fact that there’s a thing called “Georgia” with a logo that looks suspiciously like the Film Georgia logo, I was so confused:

I probably shouldn’t use the I word around Chiaki too much, but whatever. Exploit those opportunities to highlight your faves! is such a weird group now, but as long as Risa’s involved I’m following:

Aside from this being a nice opportunity for PassCode, it’s really cute that we-B managed to get little sisters Kolokol onto the bill too:

Your friend and mine Yajima Mai did this weird stream the other day:

Speaking of streams, if this CROSSNOESIS one is done by the time you get here, may it still be available on demand:

Here’s where we get our first look at the latest Yanakoto Sotto Mute:

Who else remembers that hot minute several years ago when a lot of us got into notall?

If you audition for Broken By The Scream, we really need to talk:

Since we never get enough music from Zsasz, how about a dance cover?

I like how Beni forgot how to spell her own group’s name despite it being, like, right there:

Have a great weekend!