Your Homicidols Weekender #230

Good morning! Man, I may state a hard preference for autumn as my season of choice, but this rough midpoint of Actual Spring is something else. The air is cool but the sun is out and it’s just colors on top of colors on top of BIRDS SINGING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW FROM PREDAWN TIL THE STARS COME OUT. Savage. Like, I don’t begrudge you all your reasons to sing, and yeah it’s kind of my fault for encouraging bird habitat around Maniac Mansion, but still. Let a man sleep a little. It’s bad enough that billions of cicadas are due to arrive basically any day now and given us six full weeks of awful cicada hell-sounds.

I’ll be honest with you, gang: This is a really light Weekender! Lots of time demands in the first place, and also it seemed like idol kind of chilled out after a busier period. And that’s fine. There have been 229 others of this thing, they’re not all going to win awards. Just prepare yourself accordingly.

But I’m now off to see to some auto repair and then get my final COVID shot! If you haven’t done the latter, please do it as soon as your local authorities will allow, so that you can be safe!

There Is No Safety

Somebody with more energy than me and more time than sense in general write the blog post that discusses whether WACK has full-on jumped the shark OR if it actually broke the mainstream:

Upcoming single from BiS that’s sure to be very good:

If you’d told me that ZOC had never previously released a full (original) album, I’d have made a really confused face, like I did when I saw this:

Also, the boss is releasing a bunch of stuff, she busy

Yeah, new NaNoMoRaL!

They’re really going to milk every last possible thing from the last generation of WILL-O’, aren’t they?

Who is this, and why don’t they have anything else on YouTube?

Which wave of ska is this?

These outfits though:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Land mine, who haven’t actually debuted yet but are about to. Nevertheless, we already have several different “guide” track demos to highlight the music they’ll be working with, including these two new ones:

And in case I forgot to mention it before, the members-to-be do have their own identities:

You too will be able to stream BABYMETAL from Budokan:

You don’t have to pile on, we lost AYUMIKURIKAMAKI years ago:

Meanwhile, let’s hold out hope that Minna no Kodomochan is able to return someday:

Tell me you wouldn’t be okay with Cinnamon just fronting a band full-time, though

Here’s Satanic Punish live:

I realized that I’d skipped a week in my otherwise relentless NEO JAPONISM promotion, so here:

Have a great weekend!

This one’s for Cal

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