Your Homicidols Weekender #228

What a week! I don’t want to speak for anybody else, but I thought idol had some of that old energy back these past few days. Significant graduations and debuts and motherhubbard April Fool’s Day right on the heels of the kind of fandom drama that we don’t ever have enough of, largely because it unfolds when I’m asleep or busy and then I get to come back later and judge everybody for their dumbass takes.

April Fool’s is one of the best days on the idol calendar, more or less wedged between Halloween and Easter, and we do mention some of the jokes from this year below the fold, but also? We fucking won that shit this year, gang. Or I should say, Daemon did, not only delivering timely, trenchant, devastating satire but having that become the single most popular post in Homicidols history that wasn’t brigaded by Kamen Joshi fans. What a destroyer of a post. I did tell him that if he got to X number of RTs and likes, I’d convince Mare A Komachi to come out of hiding/retirement, but I’ve had to move those goalposts a couple of times already. IF YOU HAVEN’T YET AMPLIFIED THIS AND DO WANT TO SEE WHAT KOMACHI IS UP TO, HELP US GET TO 100 RTS AND 200 LIKES.

The only bad thing about doing great things is that you’re then under a lot of pressure to keep delivering. Guess we’re just going to have to keep writing good posts!

Now That’s Funny

None of us had the wherewithal to take on Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s new rendition of “World End Crisis” from the new album of re-recordings, so here you go, sans commentary:

I wanted an excuse to mention WAGAMAMARAKIA and frankly if you want to buy me either of these shirts, I’m in:

In case you forgot that O’CHAWANZ did a thing:

It would have been more disappointing if SENANAN hadn’t used the most over-used idol MV set for RIPLIE’s first:

Damn dude, JyuJyu old:

Miss them:

The best April Fool’s prank was ours, actually, but GO TO THE BEDS deserves credit for a good one that they parlayed into real news to be excited about:

Or is it ERISU’s latest member!

Meanwhile, Gokigen Teikoku did this:

Single on the way from Li-V-RAVE:

And here’s a PV from ZOC because we should talk about them more:

If you’ll miss WILL-O’ for the short window of time that they won’t exist at all, you may want to watch their entire final (public) live:

They’ll never be half as popular as half of their contemporaries, but nobody does a live better than AIBECK:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Yanakoto Sotto Mute, who in the span of six hours announced the loss of one member …

… and the pending arrival of another:

Meanwhile, Nade-chan celebrated her birthday the other day with what D described as why you should never let dorks plan their own music festivals; just follow her thread:

Bonus in Focus

Because they’re gone soon, here are the digests from both versions of the final DESURABBITS album:

GREAT MONKEYS got a new member and look like they’re in the middle of another (soft) reboot:

Same with big sisters the mishmash:

This is easily the best recording of the ska idols ever:

The B-side from buGG’s new single:

There are new MERRY BAD ENDs:

MISSEMILY still, uh, actually being kind of boring:

Covers Corner

Why am I doing this? IS IT TO BUY TIME? Anyway, here are some covers involving idols you may know:

Lein has been particularly prolific lately, but I liked this one best:

If you want to get into some idols that can semi-regularly really do some interesting stuff, you’d do much worse than Papillon de Marche:

On the other hand, do not invest in X holic:

Congrats to the fancy graduate!

Have a great weekend!