Your Homicidols Weekender #226

Good morning! It’s the first day of spring, which means renewal and opportunity and also that I’m going to be digging holes out back to try to fix the drainage problems and contribute to a bee-healthy local environment with new flowering plants. Just great stuff.

I do want to talk about something important, though, because it really seemed to emerge as a theme this week. I’m not directly referring to the hate crime in Atlanta, but you could include it too. It just struck me that there’s been a lot of loss lately, and that while I’m sure that those who are dealing with it hurt deep down — one friend in particular, I know exactly what he’s going through — I also hope that they can see that while the thing lost can be permanent, it doesn’t mean that the action of loss itself is, and that the raw, ragged emotions that come with it can and will smooth out. This is of course extremely relevant to anybody who follows idol; even those of us who consider themselves somewhat immune to the emotional investments can still be thrown for a loop when a particular person or project goes away. Any kind of loss is traumatic to one degree or another, and even the loss that’s more of a relief than anything else, even that loss often brings catharsis in the most literal literary sense with it.

Anyway, if you’re hurting, know that people care about you and about how you feel, and you can and should talk to people about the tough stuff. And if maybe you aren’t there yet, then do things you enjoy. The worst thing that can happen is that maybe you have some laughs for a little while and a lift of the spirit.

/fart joke

Don’t Listen to a Thing This Man Says

Before you do anything else, enjoy new tipToe. even if Brian might post about it later:

The end of AYUMIKURIKAMAKI has come:

In case you had plans to see Saki:

Unless you’re at the “privilege parties” yet to come, this is the last we’ll see of WILL-O’ until the inevitable reboot:


Seriously excited for the new PIGGS album:

And if you’re excited about a new album from O’CHAWANZ, this is for you:

Or Summer Rocket:

Just give us this loud-ass shit as an enema, miscast:

By now we’re all ready for the new INUWASI EP, but are we really?

It’s my friggin’ website, so if I want to post things from and about Haru, I will:

The Part about Covers

Yeah, like I didn’t really feel like there was any point to an Idol in Focus this week, nor did ATARASHII GAKKO! do anything noteworthy, and frankly there weren’t even that many covers, so … here are two, from Hikari Shiina and Philosophy no Dance:

Ah Hell Let’s Do Idol in Focus

Yeah actually this week’s Idol in Focus is 15GERM for a very simple reason, which is that they’re going to crowdfund for a hilarious amount of stuff:

Which I imagine will include this:

Not the best Idol in Focus ever, but it’s one regardless!

Good lord, RAY:

This is a very important MANACLE clip:

Pay very, very close attention to this femme fatale MV when you’re thinking about awards season:

The best part of this long-ass hangout with QUEENS is definitely how nobody’s paying attention at the beginning:

Dance along with Sway Emotions Slightly!

Live Payrin’s:

Awesome new visual for Kimi to Boku no Revolution:

I imagine that this stream of Pure White Canvas is what cheki sessions at Idol Underground must be like:

Cooking class with NightOwl:

Lunch with Lein:

I cannot think of a group of people who need a TikTok less:

Have a great weekend!