Your Homicidols Weekender #223

Good morning! I hope you all had a good week. Idol certainly did, though this is one of the most random Weekenders to ever be randomly put together (hint: they all are), so you might not think at first glance that we’ve been in this little period of heavyweight releases and brain-splattering action. Relative to our own recursively self-referential scene, that is. Good stuff, and plenty out just today to sink our teeth into. And that’s all I’m going to say because I want to start covering that stuff and then get the heck out into proto-spring before winter decides to hit us with another friggin’ ice storm!

You Get What You Deserve

Malcolm Mask McLaren B-side!

Help Satanic Punish celebrate their anniversary by bribing a friend to get you this limited release:

Am I an ingrate for thinking that maybe BiSH could get back to putting out awesome records again if they didn’t have half a million other projects out there, regardless of how much I may like those other projects?

But hey, theme song!

For when you need to get a little bit deeper into MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN:

I realize that I absolutely adore SHINGEKI’s business model of just constantly releasing digital stuff and having gigs; it fits their approach to music so well:

I know that everybody felt a certain way about this; it is the Official Policy of Homicidols Dot Com that it was good as long as Ricky didn’t harvest the bones himself:

Very cool post-Gyu-no Fes after-commercial thing, all the cooler because of the PIGGS track:

This website shamelessly and openly loads up on ATARASHII GAKKO! content to game search engines:

It’s the making of First Summer Uika’s MV!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is INUWASI, though I fear that it’s going to very suddenly become unnecessary to feature them in this way because the goods will be in our hands before we know it. But anyway! New album, in case you didn’t know:

Also, what an image change

And one-man:

Also I feel like I didn’t know they were part of, which shame on me, of course they are, they’re like the final perfection of the experiment that is

We can only fit so much EDM-adjacent idol into Homicidols Dot Com in any given week, and unfortunately this new one from Devil ANTHEM just doesn’t go hard enough:

You do not realize how badly you needed this streamer from FRUITPOCHETTE and HimeKyun FruitCan:

You do not need any of this Pikarin gaming stream, though:

How many of you all are abyss fans?

And who else enjoys some MAJESTIC MATES?

AKIARIM uploaded an absolute ton of live video the other day:


A solo track from Anthurium:

The CY8ER member known as Mashilo also performs as SHACHI and she came up the other day so I thought I’d check on her; lots of singles, apparently!

So, so good to see Muto live again:

I wonder how much Watanabe is going to have to pay Aina from now on?

Have a great weekend!