Your Homicidols Weekender #220

Good morning! Or, I hope your morning is good. Mine is not for several reasons, the least of which being that my trusty ol’ laptop that’s been with me since when I first started to publish posts about idols on this here website, the laptop that I’m gamely coaxing through the rest of today’s posts, is basically all the way dead now. I hope this isn’t RIP.

This was also a rough week (I hope yours was better!), and I realized this morning that it’s very near the anniversary of my second hiatus last year. I am a SAD sufferer, or I should say a lifelong SAD-deal-wither because I always took malaise and depression during the winter months for granted until fairly recently and always think I have bigger fish to fry when it comes to mental health stuff. And you’d think I’d learn! Hiatus the First? Entirely due to stress! The Second? A combination of factors that all came down to my brain saying that it didn’t want to do the thing. This past week wasn’t all that exceptional other than a need to tidy up and organize some work-related stuff, and various interventions that frustrated another project that I recently started; idol blogging time being a morning ritual at this point, you’d think that I could make do, but alas, friend, I did not. Just no real motivation! So: Take care of your brain, give yourself the breaks you need, do pleasurable things for those little dopamine kicks. It’s literally for your overall health and will make other things better.

You’re here for idol, and while this wasn’t the most raucous week in the scene by any stretch, it was still good enough for a halfway decent time-waster!

It Is Not a Waste

I share Kerrie’s fear of any long message from THE BANANA MONKEYS:

Nice EMPiRE digest:

In case you missed KAQRIYOTERROR’s new digital single:

Zsasz is going to release something again one of these days, and it’s going to make us all crazy:

So Kamen Joshi is doing the theme song thing, sans masks and 90% of the members, as a ballad, that also includes rap because if you aren’t shoehorning rapped vocals into idol nowadays you’re not hip, or something:

As well as sting at the loss of 143:

Just so excited that these are the idols I’m most likely to see in my country in the next year:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is of course Aina the motherfucking End, who may technically not be “idol” in this new solo project but she idols with BiSH and everybody who isn’t Cal loves her so we’ll celebrate accordingly. For what? The new album that dropped this week, for which just ever so much media was put online:

The album is very-ass good and includes one of my two favorite songs so far this year. Go listen to and/or buy it!

There is simply no more earnest, more honest work in idol being done than that by my girls in Arrow Heart:

Be excited about the new Alive to Rainy single:

Of all the times to not have enough Japanese, MANACLE doing … this?

AIBECK always seems so fun:

You like Cinema and Boy CQ:

CY8ER live video just seems cruel at this point:

The next time somebody says to you, hey, what’s idorock? Show them this:

Oh lord, they let her into the country:

Have a great weekend!