Your Homicidols Weekender #22

Happy Saturday, you goofballs! I just wanted to share a little programming note: I’m taking a little personal trip, and while I went ahead and scheduled some stuff to run over the weekend, I’ve also left the site in the very capable hands of the Weeaboo Witch herself. Yes, Kerrie has been instructed that there are to be no Simpsons anythings, but I can’t vouch for there not being any Hello! Project or other normalish idol stuff should she see fit to include it.

Have fun, be good to the host, and think about buying some stuff from her, okay?

So How about That Week, Huh?

The big story in the news was that dude who thought that he should be able to use the airplane seat that he paid to use and wasn’t going to be voluntold off of his flight, and got beat to shit for the trouble. People are mad at United Airlines! People are also riffing on the incident for the amusement of many! So here’s Kamen Joshi member Kawamura Nanaka with a few tips for how to prevent yourself from being dragged from the plane:

Remember: The Mask Girls are good at things, including violence.

DEEP GIRL may yet have some life in them, because the look has been updated:

Of course, they did the same thing last year, and it was basically to no effect, but still!

Fittingly, after that Oyasumi Hologram post the other day, this live acoustic set gets dropped on Soundcloud:

(Just look at the user’s feed for the whole thing.)

The alt-cast happened; Kerrie has already informed me that there will be no sharing:

In the idol+ space, here’s the latest from Rinne, one of the constituents elements of NATASHA:

Are you a dumb ambitious young woman with big-time idol dreams and a willingness to be put through arduous physical tortures to maybe be a little bit of a star? If that sounds like you, respond to this call!

Riffing on the Friday Fun, Gokigen Teikoku are basically everything about that theme in a single idol unit, with the catch that they’re doing it all for laughs and to have excuses to get drunk. Recent highlights:

Picture this: Your favorite idols pull you up on stage; they hand you a mic; what do you do?

Did you know that Mone/Sui of You’ll Melt More!/Hauptharmonie fame could do some actual drumming?

I went looking after Lyric Holic the other day and stumbled across yet another T-shirt that should remind us all that idols have the best merch:

Here’s that DEVIL NO ID dance cover that you always knew you wanted:

Inoue Yume is always going to have a special place in my idoling heart:

How about the latest from 963?

And, like, after that whole business earlier in the week, why not give some more space to KOTO?

Don’t even think about having fun this weekend without first listening to every second of this:

10 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #22

  1. These weekenders are one of highlights of each weekend for me. A lot of interesting stuff 🙂

    Got to love violent idols 😀

    About the bearded lady. There is a short interview with him about Deadlift Lolita on yt:

    For those who are interested to know more about Ladybeard there is a good short documentary. There is also focus on him being a idol and shots from a live performance. Interesting also how different his audience is compared to idol shows otherwise. Many might not know it, but he was active musically doing his thing even before Ladybaby.

  2. So that United airlines video is just a low effort, halfassed copy of a video the Gracies put out…

    Sounds about right for Kamen Joshi. ;P

    That 963 song is strangely enjoyable and addictive, i keep replaying it… If this is a new direction their music going to head in then i will have to start following them more closely.

    I think this new SUPER★DRAGON song is pretty alright:

    I should look for more male idol groups that use rock or other heavy/aggressive stuff in their music, there must be some hidden gems.

  3. When the Idol Formerly known as Ladybaby did their PELO release live event 12 April there seems to been a lot going on. Rie seems to fallen on stage. The girls seem to kept their staff busy by not being that into doing the photo shoot part. Especially Rie it seems as she was pushed and guided by a staff member. Then the girls also went to drink from a fountain and the staff had to go tell them not to do so.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this event what actually happened?

    A friend told me this and that there was photos on twitter posted. But I couldn’t
    find them. Would been nice to see a video of it 🙂

    But then they haven’t been well behaving idols at other events either and didn’t do as they where told. Like in this short clip from a idol event.

  4. I was at that Hauptharmonie show, it wasn’t a random fan they pulled up, it was actually their sound tech guy.

    I really hope Sui/Mone continues to idol after Hauptharmonie disbands(I don’t know if I’ll ever stop being depressed about that).

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