Your Homicidols Weekender #219

OH MY GOODNESS WE MADE IT. The hell month to end all hell months (and, after a year’s worth of hell months, that’s saying something) comes to an end this weekend with … the most significant snowfall my area has seen in several years. Fantastic. Couldn’t be happier. Definitely not indicative of anything. Definitely not mad that I didn’t jump on GameStop stock on Tuesday like I was very strongly urged to, and that the whole reason I didn’t was that I was too busy with work to do it then and “I’ll get it tomorrow” didn’t happen either and at that point it was effectively too late. Cest la vie.

I hope you’re all doing well, and maybe even made some cash screwing over those whose entirely livelihood is screwing you! I also wish that this edition of the Weekender could have a closer tie-in to current events, but … no. It’s just a Weekender, hopefully a fun one for you. And if you’re getting up to a foot of snow between tomorrow and Monday like I am, well, let’s all listen to our favorite idol classics while shoveling together!

Sounds Unnecessary

Live stream of 2& Day!

This website will be part of the internationalization of ATARASHII GAKKO! and you’re going to like it:

May as well steal some random incoming traffic looking for Aina doing this overall update on one of her OG solo joints:

Goodbye, KOTO:

Goodbye, Fumimi and other Worl’s End member I only know through her association with Fumimi:

So much for INforMEL:

Learning nature with 3776 (oh and there’s music too, watch the whole thing):

Once upon a time it was typical if not overly frequent to post Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen; this may be an acknowledgement that we won’t anymore:

It’s like being reminded how awesome AYUMIKURIKAMAKI used to be:


Comparatively, BiSH’s throwback look is significantly less unsettling but also actually a costume!



I dig how Natalie was like, tell us your favorite songs from last year, people who are all well-loved by Maniac:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is meme tokyo, who got themselves a new single to tease us with …

… and a new member!

Definitely not bitter that our OG Official Oshi and really the only one who was so honored properly never even returned ol’ Maniac’s calls about an interview after the EP dropped, nope not one bit:

Let’s try to find more opportunities to talk about NEO BREAK!

Got confused for a second, but it’s actually just Up Up Girls 2:

This was on Wonder Lander’s Soundcloud, let’s see where it leads!

Do not sleep on Owaranaide, Yoru:

Was thinking about Mizuho, happened up on this SAKA-SAMA clip:

Kaishin no Ichigeki with a very close stream in a recording booth, apparently:

What in the world:

You should by all means enjoy GARUDA channeling the hell out of Danzig:

Have a great weekend!