Your Homicidols Weekender #218

Good morning! I hope you’re all healthy and safe. We here at Maniac Mansion and the small circle of people we see have been pretty lucky, all things considered, and of course Team rocks on; if you or people you care about have been affected by any of the umpteen major problems facing the world at this very moment, I hope all ends well, and I hope you can get some enjoyment out of the things we blog about — we only do it because we like it, and we keep doing it because we presume that other people do, too!

But speaking of such things, if you remember earlier in the week before Bernie Sanders memes took over the Internet, there was this whole thing with sea chanteys. I guess people are actually making money off of them and goofy videos! I find youth culture inexplicable so anything is possible! While riffing on this with first my brother and then Fiancee, I got very nostalgic for the handful of great everybody-sing-along moments at various taverns over the years, just when the mood was great and the musical performer/s really had the room and not even the most cynical dickhead in the place (usually me!) could withstand singing with strangers and smashing glasses together and acting like a movie scene. And I vowed that should the day come when we can all pack ourselves into a pub while the town’s only successful busker plays folksy covers of Top 40 hits from 15 years ago, then by the gods I will be there as often as possible and I will sing loudly and buy rounds for people I don’t know.

So, so tired of this.

You’re Not the Only One

Just beyond excited about this DAIDAIDAI EP:

How we feeling about this new one from MANACLE?

More new songs from HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI too:

Enjoy INUWASI live:

It’s very good to see names we like on these things:

This is objectively one of the best BiSH songs from objectively their second-best album during their second-best era:

We’ll always miss you, Hug Me

Go behind the APOKALIPPPS scenes with Filmmaker Beni:

Oh no!

You are playing the Erisu scavenger hunt game, right?

May this video perfectly capture the sound and mood of the new BiS record:

We usually say “AIBECK live” but today let’s go fishing instead:

Similarly, hazing down at Pupil More! HQ is getting out of hand:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is NECRONOMIDOL, who in our fantasy-booked rivalry with MANACLE refused to be outdone and hurriedly put together a plan for a new album just so they could make some hay about a new release at the same time as the refugees:

Then we got a track list!

It’s gonna be good.

Nice chunk of LiLii Kaona here:

Goddamn it, why do I even bother liking things anymore?

WILL-O’ is out but that doesn’t stop sudden shares of new lyric videos!

When a Planckstars does an EMPIRE:

Obligatory NEO JAPONISM:


I put Aina soloing “Orchestra” at the end because I may love her but I’m so tired of that song:

If Zsasz won’t give us a lot of new stuff, maybe spending a lot of money on videos for vocal covers will do?

Perfect. Modern. Idols:

Have a great weekend!

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  1. YSM and Leaders being mentioned in the same breath as Tempalay is pretty cool and making me wonder what we’d get out of (and want) a Tempalay + idol collab.

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