Your Homicidols Weekender #215, Happy New Year and Good Riddance to 2020 Edition

Happy new year! I’m feeling like this probably would have been best to publish yesterday, but we got a little spirited at Maniac Mansion the other night, and there frankly just wasn’t going to be a whole lot of action yesterday no matter how pressing. It may sound silly and even kind of counterintuitive to go all-out to celebrate the end of a particular year when there’s not all that much hope on the horizon for anything better, but people need to let off some steam, man. There’s a lot of pressure out there!

On that note, may this Weekender give you good feelings and optimism. There’s also a ton of posts coming because this somehow became like the busiest week in idol in well over a year, so once it’s all sorted we’ll get to talk about things together. And if you want to make some funnies and talk about what 2021 may bring, I urge you to check out the resuscitated Friday Fun for what to do!

Happy Idol New Year

Just a few notable messages from some favorites:

A different kind of message from Satanic Punish to end the year:

And a fun remix from 15GERM to start the new one!


So not so lo-fi after all, but they do remind me of Shoujo Kakka no International, so that’s neat:

Here’s to hoping that 2021 makes this woman the absolute star she deserves to be:

Don’t be alarmed, but this is a really good thing from Osaka Shunkashuto:

New Zsasz album confirmed!

There is no song better performed live, nor a group in idol with so signature a piece, as You’ll Melt More! and “Only You”, and why not get the very last time that Younapi did it?

There is no correct argument that anybody other than FRUITPOCHETTE is the gold standard in idol metal:

I cannot begin to describe how hype I suddenly am for the new Kaishin no Ichigeki albam, you guys:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is MEMESHiBA NO TAiGUN, who we really should talk about more despite their tangential connection to loudol (that tangent being one Watanabe Junnosuke). They are in the spot today for one simple reason: They were nominated for some big ol’ fancy idol awards that are only slightly more prestigious than ours, and were on stage for the big reveal, and, well:

Good job, girls.

More 3776, kind of:

Up Up Girls vocal talent!

In case you missed this extremely important WAgg news, and also feel bad for Yuina:

This is entirely too much time to spend with femme fatale:

A very special ska idol thank you:

Here’s some live Emo7:

This is what we can hopefully expect to have land on our shores in the not-too-distant future:

Oshiloss Corner

Yes, check it out:

Expect Go Zeela back on stage sometime in the near future.

Tsurezure is dead, but GORDON lives on:

… and that’s now barely in the past, and wounds are raw, so.

Yuki is the absolute best:

We don’t talk enough about Full Power Girls R anymore, so here’s a very good live clip:

Watch this STARMARIE live:


Idols in the booth:


The blessings of Malcolm Mask McLaren be upon you:

Have a great 2021!