Your Homicidols Weekender #210

Good morning! I almost forgot it was Saturday — the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA was this past Thursday, but I’ve been off work since Wednesday and very deliberately avoiding things that required me to think or do too much. Rhythm’s off, sleeping in … oh hey, suddenly it’s the weekend! Fortunately, this is a busy time in idol in general, so I have lots of things for you to peruse when there’s little else very interesting to do.

One thing to do is going to be the Best Of voting, which I can tell you is imminent because part of why this Weekender is a few minutes late is that Team is finalizing the Team picks that we use to filter the noise from the community nominations (and also do ourselves completely independently for the staff and personal picks). The only thing I think I can guarantee for you is that we’re going to see a doubled-down diversity in winners like we finally achieved last year. It bodes well for this thing we all like!

Anyway, get to it. It was kind of hastily put together, but it’s still a lot of good stuff!

Worst Weekender Ever

Prepare yourself for Yanakoto Sotto Mute’s first major full-length:

There’s never a good reason to not share any of RAY’s multiple max-length streams:

Now that I’ve been properly introduced, I think it’s getting to be time to talk more about Her knuckle:

I don’t care if it’s really late, this is awesome work by Himegami CRISIS:

We’ll have a lot more on it, but just in case you forgot that INUWASI‘s new EP is out on Monday:

You may notice a bit of a Best Of trend due in no small part to Chiaki just cranking out gems this year:

At least once per month I must THIS IS NATS:

NELN making the sausage:

Oh look, another new Candy GO!GO! single:

Pretty cool of to do a number and video that would’ve been super exciting five years ago:

(for instance, like something STARMARIE would have done, so … this is the first STARMARIE I’ve seen in ages):

Wyenra’s been doing, uh, these things:

This is self-aware on so many levels:

More NEO JAPONISM dance practice:

Producers need to stop trying to do these things when the sound quality is this bad:

However, yandoll does it kind of deliberately, so:

I watched way more of this ostensibly Oyasumi Hologram/Goodnight Records video than I ordinarily would because I kept hoping for 8-chan to show up, or like Younapi to arrive and announce herself as the new half of the duo or something:


For anybody who forgot how boss my girl is:

I enjoyed it:

This is for you 3776 people:

Have a great weekend!