Your Homicidols Weekender #21

Are you ready to party this weekend? I’m not! I really need to do a better job of managing time, I guess. Also it’s really nice out today and I’m glad to finally get to do yard work for the first time in months. Nonetheless:

I Feel Really Tired after This Week

Q’ulle, aka the best dancers in idol, keep releasing new video versions of the “SHOUT IT OUT”:

In a totally idol meta thing, it was previously … Miss iD’ed … /shows self out

Remember Genshoku Theater? That is, do you remember a group by that name? Because they changed the meaning of their name(?), and they have a new singer-idol:

You guys who have Japanese, please help out? Or, anyway, here’s a taste:

Do what Brian says:

Garry reviewed the latest from You’ll Melt More!; I heard it through the, uh, grapevine, and I pretty much entirely agree.

I really feel like this show was too long in coming:

I sort of randomly discovered the other day that Mei of There There Theres used to be in Frefre Chime Fes, which I had once dubbed the future:

So that’s neat. Unconfirmed because I felt kind of lazy: Mizuki with RIZE and Riona with Li-V-Rave were Chimers, too. So … I was kind of right, but just not about who’d be doing it where?

If you’re able, read GANG PARADE Yua’s reflections on the WACK auditions:

I had no idea that Dots had 13 songs:

How many of them are actual songs and not just reverb and shrieking? Does it matter?

When Alex has his claws out, it’s impressive:

Jekyll and Hyde is up to something; I literally don’t understand what it is. An EP?

The ever-prolific Ten Tenko just keeps dropping tracks:

It’s been a minute since we heard from Under Beasty, or even Candy GO!GO!, and Phantom Voice is disbanding, so here’s a note that all three of them did a live together:

I was once kind of optimistic about Psycho Predator, especially after adding Halu ex of Lolisyn last year; now they’re on indefinite hiatus:

TY Martin!

Tokyo Girls Update interviewed TIFKAL:

Clearstone knows their audience well.


Have a fun weekend!

3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #21

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  2. Reading the Tokyo Girls Update interview with The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY made me gain respect for Rie a lot. How much she cares and takes care of Rei. Adorable.

    So are they trying to make WiLL into alcoholics? Sad…

    Stumbled today upon Tsuyogari Sensation. I found a post here about new single. But not about the music video they did for this single.

    Noticed this weekend that Reika Saiki actually been a idol already before Deadlift Lolita. She is also a member of a idol group called Cheer1. Well perhaps not the best ever idol group on this planet. Couldn’t find any music video. here a live performance.

    Back in time I watched a documentary where they followed the life of one idol. Forgot the name of the documentary and the name of the idol group. It wasn’t any bigger group. As I remember the girl lived at home, didn’t actually get paid and also had to take care for stage outfits. She was even economically responsible if she would damage the outfits. It was about the reality of lesser known idols. Been trying to find it again. I watched it on youtube. Anyone else here watched this and remember what documentary it could been?

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