Your Homicidols Weekender #209

Good morning! Welcome to Weekender Year 5! I promise to keep up the same degree of randomness and complete disrespect for the subject that you’ve all grown to love.

So how have you all been lately? Well enough, I hope, understanding that there’s still a lot going wrong in general out there for everybody. But I’ll tell you, a few months back I was in a really difficult place with the state of things, and it was manifesting in weird ways in just about every facet of life. So I started to keep a journal where I’d put down the things, every morning, that I was grateful for. It wasn’t like, and yet again today I’m grateful for my car’s good fuel economy, it was always something that I’d have to search for, at least somewhat unique. And it taught me to appreciate things that I’d been taking for granted, which really did help to take the sting away. Earlier this week, I crossed the last big obstacle off of my Day Job queue for the calendar year and accomplished an entirely new degree of success in my work … and it felt so damn good. I even told the boss, I’ve done this before but not anywhere near this degree of sophistication and intricacy, and the results are already rolling in. Hot damn.

The point is, I hope you can do that for yourself, or something else that makes you feel good about you and what you’re doing. If that’s crawling through the Weekender, great; if it’s spending your entire day moving several tons of mulch around the yard and building new rock borders for the garden, that’s great too! But whatever it is that you do, find that good angle on it and enjoy. You deserve it.

You Aren’t My Therapist!

I’ve been declaring the sentience of Himari’s hair for years, and now I have proof!

After yesterday’s post, this is a good way to get to know Yajima Mai even better!

Here, get the PEDRO thing:

The first few seconds of this are why I lol every time somebody talks about X group being the new PassCode:

I can’t really describe the mix of feelings that follow seeing this DIE/NING countdown:

Kindan no Tasuketsu isn’t something that I’ll ever pretend to understand, I just love it:

Here, take this digest version of Kolokol’s entire catalog:

Your weekly dose of QUEENS:

Well Sugarpills is already down one, glad I brought it up:

When you think the thing might be something worthwhile from ATTAIN MUSIC and instead it’s just this:

I think this PIGGS album is going to be good, you guys:

Presenting the latest tapestok act:

I’d congratulate Devil ANTHEM on publishing the MV that best visualized Kerrie’s nightmares, but I have to be honest and say that I’ve never once made it past the 90 second mark:

Whole mess of defections from NILKLY, who fortunately are following with auditions:

We’re likewise losing some KAQRIYOTERROR:

AND some percentage of The Grateful a MogAAAz:

AND from Hime Kyun Fruit Can or however it’s spelled now, with extra juice!

So, uh, Jekyll and Hyde are like a lot punchier now:

Is this really VR WONDER SNAKE or just the camera really damn close?

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus isn’t actually one, but I’m using the conceit; PLEASE PEOPLE, HELP THIS IDOL GROUP GET ENOUGH RTS TO ACTUALLY REVEAL ITS MEMBERS AND DO SOMETHING:

You need Busujima Orochi in your life:

You do not need Aeoli Anne, however:

This is all I ever really want from BiSH:

Hey POPPPING EMO, this is pretty cool, when you gonna give us the whole thing?

Let’s call it “A Day with Sway Emotions Slightly“:

It has been brought to my attention that there’s a ZOMBIE POWDER song I like:

Here’s almost two full hours of RAY:

“Oh, this looks like fu–” Goddamn it.

Have a great weekend!