Your Homicidols Weekender #205

Good morning! I hope you all had a good week. I had what we could probably call a busy-level-up kind of week — like it was always going to be tough because there were a lot of deadlines happening at once, but then it managed to get just a little bit worse — but it’s been good to find more time for this here website nonetheless. I have an embarrassing amount of stuff in my personal to-do pile, and that’s without the Best Of kicking off in just a few weeks. Yikes!

Autumn, if I haven’t mentioned it to you before, is by far my favorite time of the year. There’s no “especially” in it — every phase is awesome in its own way, from the last vestiges of summertime to the turning of the leaves to the fall of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pre-winter and the run-up to Christmastime. A person like me has it all, with the perfect range of weather, beautiful scenery even just in the neighborhood, perfect sports and food and … I can’t say enough about it. It’s a crying shame that we’re in the middle of a runaway pandemic and have an election for the most powerful person on earth and our choices are between two senile sacks of crap, OR being harassed for years to come if we dare show a preference for something else!

Anyway, the best thing about autumn is having lots of reasons to be with who you love to be with during peak comfort kinds of times. I highly recommend! And if you happen to listen to some cool tunes made by cool people at the same time, more power to you all.

The Danes Call It Hygge

Watching this stream from FRUITPOCHETTE last weekend is simultaneously satisfying and enormously bittersweet:

If you’re in or adjacent to Italy, adjust your Halloween plans accordingly:

Team’s favorite … whatever she actually is anymore, TORIENA, still kicking ass:

I was wondering about NILKLY the other day, and, well, this is what you get to look at:

A joint thing with PIGGS and Toricago genuinely excites me:

It never won’t be weird to me that Seireki13ya exists:

Just a little You’ll Melt More!:

Our world doesn’t appreciate QUEENS enough:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is amiinA, who disbanded the other day. That’s the whole reason — I needed an excuse to regard them fondly again. This tweet makes me so sad:

amiinA made absolutely inspired music with true joy that created a feeling of wonder in your heart. Now they’re gone.

2020 is the goddamn worst.

If Mutou wants to keep doing tunes like this, I’ll be her biggest fan:

This is what we get for saying nice things about REBEL REBEL:

C-Style released a ton of these little clips yesterday to promote their latest album:

Likewise adding a bunch of stuff yesterday, everybody’s favorite ska idols Bombshell*Aftershock or whatever it is they’re calling themselves these days:

Is it weird that it took APOKALIPPPS this long to have a one-man?

The best thing about this stream with miscast is how deeply committed they seem to be to mailing it in:

I apparently subscribe to this group called Star Fiorenerd, so enjoy:

What’s weirder, the way that DESURABBITS have evolved over time, or that there hasn’t been an ounce of turnover in the group, like, ever?

For your Halloweening pleasure, how about … Osaka Shunkashuto doing a table reading?

Have a great weekend!

Having a two-man with RAY!