Your Homicidols Weekender #201

Good morning! We did it. We made it another week. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m personally exhausted lately, and I’m trying to imagine what the person I used to be several years ago would be doing, as opposed to Boring Old Maniac who works too much and usually just wants to have some bourbon at the end of the day. Probably just as exhausted, but differently!

Anyway, I’ll spare you the diatribe. This is an excellent Weekender because idol did a lot of stuff but very little of it of consequence. AND we have other posts! And we’ll probably do something with this very cool feature that Daemon made! It’s good and fun and exciting stuff so let’s all enjoy it!



Who would object to more TENRINposting from Homicidols Dot Com?

I miss Minna no Kodomochan so much:

That’ll do it for SKIRMISH gods damn it all:

This is an amazingly nice song from Himegoto Zettaichi:

Ska idols Nosatsu Afterbeat(sp?), as a mood enhancer:

It’s been a month since Lily of the Valley released this, and shame on every one of us for not making more of it:

Actual debut material from Erisu soon, but in the meantime stay tuned for Erisu Camp!

Anybody else also on a voyage of discovery with meme tokyo?

Who else is completely flabbergasted by ex-Necroma Michelle‘s new project?

This is very loud live from Kimi to Boku no Kakumei:

Have we talked about this goddess solo yet?

Idol in Focus

In previously unsaid sentences in human history, this week’s Idol in Focus is Kamen Joshi, for the Mask Girls did this series of stuff the other day and hell, nobody else was really Idol in Focus worthy. And I’m not sure but is this the first time I’m sharing any of their stuff with the new leadership?

I put this one last because sigh

As usual, if you can avoid having a seizure watching it and can put the company’s deeply unpleasant history out of your head, the music is pretty okay!

Hey. HEY! You guys remember Last Question?

These are your new terms, MANACLE fans:

Mugen Crescendo, everybody:

I originally had a really fun concept for doing this GO TO THE BEDS MV, but I never finished it and rather than try to make it work now, here I got surreptitiously hiding the thing at the bottom of the Weekender like the moral coward I am:

If you’re as unhappy about the likely Up Up Girls end, this will definitely make you feel downer!

I watched this for a few minutes the other day and am still mad that I did it:

Unrelated, but fun:

DESURABBITS did a live from Bucho’s perspective:

Have a great weekend!