Your Homicidols Weekender #2

You guys liked it! I’m as surprised as anybody! But the feedback was good and a bunch of people looked at it, so let’s keep these little roundups going.

Here’s a Bunch of Stuff That Didn’t Get Posted Last Week

BiSH must be making Avex a lot of money, because the Label of Doom isn’t being shy about the Less Than Sex tour final, which is being broadcast on MTV Japan and will be available on DVD.

Cool trailer, bros.

The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby still need a new name, but they released their full video and I didn’t have the bandwidth to post about it, so here it is now!, who you should like if you like good things, have what must be the weirdest campaign going:

It’s too late to participate, I think, and I’m pretty sure you’d need to be in Japan anyway, but that’s just nuts either way.

If you’re able to watch it (U.S. folks, use a proxy), the new Yume Ado video is basically what happens when electropop tradols do their own version of a “DEADMAN” or “Honto Honki” or “IDOL is DEAD.”

It happened before “last week,” but whatever; Koutei Camera Girl Zwei are up for a Best of 2016 award, and this track popped up on Soundcloud a few days ago. The world is going to miss this incredible project.

And speaking of the collision of idol and hip-hop, found a great way to announce their new album:

And, for you H!P fans who don’t already know … Sayu is in fact back:

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