Your Homicidols Weekender #198

I got up at 6am, walked the dog and was getting ready to watch the film “Corvette  Summer”  when The Homicidols interdepartmental emergency hotline red phone went off (Actually, it’s just a chat thing) and I answered the call. Maniac found himself with a horrible emergency indeed: lousy wifi! So he asked if one of us could properly complete and release the weekender into the wild this fine morning. (The Weekender round-up is usually done throughout the week, and Saturday morning is when the intro is crafted.) Anyway, you’re getting this quickly dashed-off into from me (Brian) instead of the usual weekendy sage wisdom of Maniac. I’ll do my best! 

So hey, the week in idol! Retirements, disbandments, venues closing, hastily thrown together livestreams, it’s essentially the drill now. Even before this major historic event spread around the world, I was anticipating some pretty major changes in the nature of idols and the way we interact with them would be evolving within the next few years. But when it all went down, it appears those changes got accelerated tenfold. Good grief, I can’t wait to have Covid behind us, but I don’t think the idol business is totally returning to what we knew. Some of that might be a good thing: more livestreams for everybody! It’s going to fascinating to see where we’re at this time next year, so I really hope everyone hangs in there and doesn’t give up on the spirit of idol anytime soon. We’re gonna be okay, pretty different, but okay! So hey, enjoy the weekender and keep that mask over your nose…

UNDER BEASTY released the MV for that new single:

Say sayonara to elfloat:

Pro-cut of sorts from SKIRMISH:

This is what Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da teased us for:

I encourage you to spend time with this TENRIN MV:

Kaede is so darn good solo, you guys:

We really don’t talk enough about THE BANANA MONKEYS anymore, and I think that’s sad:

I wonder what percentage of NECRONOMIDOL fans are still tuning in following the Great Defection:

The producer from PIGGS (you’ll know him as Ryan. B in the credits but he’s Brian Shinsekai for his solo works) casually mentioned they already have new songs in the works and we’ll get to hear them soon

The girls from Zsasz (Tim and Saku) gave us a little something extra with their dance cover of Mamamoo’s HIP!

Oshiloss Corner

Aya Eightprince opened a YouTube and is crowdfunding her first solo album.

Yukueshirezutsurezure interview!

We got one with The Grateful a MogAAAz too:

As usual, there is very little to say about the new latest from SHINGEKI other than to hold it up and marvel:

I always feel like idol was basically made for a person like Io, just not in the way that anybody happened to intend:

Hanako from Her Knuckle (who some of you might remember as Muropanako from BiS2) dropped a new music video too!

Have a great weekend!