Your Homicidols Weekender #197

Good morning! I hope you all had the best week you could. It seems to get a little bit tougher all the time, or maybe you block certain things from affecting you. The world is scary. And frankly I’m currently waiting to find out who the third person in the Riley Gale/Chadwick Boseman cluster o’ death is going to be, seeing as how 2020 primarily seems to exist to find ways to twist the knife.

What do we have? Well, we have our friends. And we have our family (I’m visiting with mine this weekend!). And, not to be too crass, we have great taste in performers, no matter our particular individual biases. There’s a lot of bad in the world now. It’s okay to look to the things that are good to at least take the edge off.

Change the Subject

The ever-rare Not Surprised, Loose Ends live video:

I like this Oomori Seiko a lot more than the last one:

And, speaking of, ZOC is back:

That’ll do it for VANDARIZE:


But we get a new Arrow Heart member!

I did genuinely want to write about the new SHINGEKI MV, but I’ll be honest and say that I had nothing useful to add:

Our pals in ORiYON are adding a new wrinkle:


She’s back!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is GARUDA, which means that this is actually my way of closing the loop on a post that I drafted two weeks ago and never finished. But hey, new MV!

Accordingly, we’re now mere days away from her new record!

And … interview!


Special Bonus Idol in Focus

Our beloved sister Kai is retiring at least from her solo project:

In memoriam:

Toricago did a live from a hot air balloon:

Fresh PEDRO:

Everything RAY does is better than almost everything else:

Enjoy this absolute acid trip of a Maison book girl live:

Have a great weekend!