Your Homicidols Weekender #195

Happy Saturday! Congrats, friends, we did it! Another week in the can. Laurels to be rested on, ancient deities to honor, a bit of indulgence to, uh, indulge in. I’ll be honest — I personally thought I’d do a lot more writing this week, but holy smokes was I still burnt out from last week. I even took a full day off and couldn’t be bothered to so much as lift a finger. Woof.

These are the waning days of True Summer, though, and while I feel like there’s every reason to stay in the house and do some needed work, I know that the only way I’ll be able to live with myself (and avoid being beaten by Fiancee) is to, check this out, GO TO THE OUTDOOR ROLLER RINK AND THEN A PIE FESTIVAL. It’s so cute and on the nose that it makes my teeth hurt, but frankly if you aren’t approaching summertime that way, I don’t know how to convince you to try.

In the meantime, enjoy yourself some idol, and try to get in a few more proper activities-in-the-face-of-pandemic as you can. It’s going to be a rough autumn, I have a feeling.

Oh Do You Now?

Never album and tour to mark it from Toricago:

This is KING RAGE:

KAQRIYOTERROR announced a new album at their tour final:

Get your cool-ass Broken By The Scream shirt while you can!

I always have this feeling that I’m going to send you all Sandal Telephone videos until we all break from the strain:

A does the solo thing and it’s lovely:

This solo NEO BREAK is pretty good too!

Gu-Gu LULU is nothing but joy:

Have we talked about the new PEDRO album yet?

You heard the lady:

When O’CHAWANZ met 3776:

I see new Negicco, I share:

Kamikaze Sensation is doing commemorative events for their second anniversary, like so:

This is a NECRONOMIDOL set streamed live from the dance studio:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Wonder Lander, who actually didn’t do it all this week but we can still catch up, okay? Here’s what they look like now:

And here’s what they sound like:

sans vocal!

UPDATE: And a new logo!

And also now they’re on Spotify so go follow them and give them love:

If you’re not down with Kindan no Tasuketsu, I can’t help you:

Zsasz performed a new zsong:

This is not a good POMERO performance:

My girl Co3 will always be cooler than anything else around her:

She’s partly kidding, but the part that she isn’t, well:

Have a great weekend!