Your Homicidols Weekender #19

Holy crap, you guys, it feels like half of everything happened this week, and that’s not even remotely true. Unless you’re Zenkimi, that is. Otherwise, the march toward the Corenament final continues unabated (Final Four revealed Monday!), and idol, as forever and always, remains a terrifying, stupefying enigma.

So What’s the Good Word?

I’ve been told that the Alt-Idol Podcast is off for the week, so go relive last week’s instead:

Non got talent:

Osaka Shunkakuma!

Thank you, Kerrie:


I don’t get what Ska Idol Project is doing with this download, but … free song? Maybe?

Rain, I agree:

Q’ulle released a version of their “DON’T STOP” MV that’s sort of marginally different and 7 seconds longer, and I guess that’s okay because it’ll still get thousands of views and make Avex money:

You’ll never be able to convince me that “Promise the Star” was anything other than a lazy, formulaic CD-seller for BiSH, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be part of a good show:

There was a question recently about whether there was space for male idols on the hallowed pages of, and specifically Japan’s Top Gay Idol Nicohalo, to which I answered in the affirmative — if they get loud. That’s the only requirement! Be idol, and be loud; if you do those things, you warm my heart and belong here. So, that being said, here’s a neat little trailer/teaser thing from Nicohalo, which is not particularly loud, but does involve Kuromiya Rei:

NEXT Shoujo Jiken called it a career on Monday:

You know how “nerve” is basically the indie idol national anthem? Here’s a great example of its bizarre power: BiS did their thing like they always do, and up onto the stage to join them were SCKGIRLS, which is a thing that I’ve always kind of meant to get around to mentioning but never quite had context for, but here you go: More teenagers participating in a stupid dance to a pop song about a girl begging her SO to get up the nerve to make a move.

PLIC PROCK may be getting a little boost coming up soon; they’ll be part of Idol Koushien:

I have no idea what’s happening with Devil ANTHEM, but it’s something:

On the other hand, Dots would like to know if you have any good ideas for venues for them. Like your birthday party!

Have a peppy weekend, everybody!

One thought on “Your Homicidols Weekender #19

  1. Great weekender once again.

    Non brightened my Saturday.

    Somehow I doubt Nicohalo would get loud. I kinda still like their
    songs if they aren’t loud 🙂

    Devil ANTHEM, I think they would need to get a bit more devilish music
    as well. So it fits with their name and those horns 🙂

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