Your Homicidols Weekender #188

Happy weekend, ya dorks! I do hope that Team forgives me just snatching up this Weekender intro without an ounce of grace or forewarning. It’s been too long! Good lord. I honestly just wanted to flex in the space a little bit. Stretch my legs. Have a cold one while the week of astonishingly mundane idol weirdness unspooled in front of us, and nod approvingly.

It was good, honestly, the first full week back in the saddle. I frankly expected to do a lot more but made a botch of my own personal time management (surprise!). But do I have an exhaustingly large list of things that I’ll partly return to to post about but mostly consign to Weekender throwaways or, worse, the memory hole? Absolutely! That’s how we roll around here. I will say this — with a new attitude and approach, I did not expect that I’d see so much idoling and want to share it. Plus, you know, pandemic stuff.

So what are you kids up to this weekend? Live streams? Protests? Whatever it is, I hope you stay safe and healthy. Americans have predictably completely screwed up this pandemic, but Fiancee is the kind of person who won’t tolerate not doing things for very long, so I look forward to being masked and gloved in the typical local summertime heat. I will say, though, that the upshot of states basically forcing business to re-open has been the complete relaxation of laws against drinking in public!

That’s Not a Good Thing

Oh god. Oh god yes.

Yeah, new EMPIRE record!

Keeping it in the family, I must say that the latest BiS reboot at least pretends well to be as punk rock as the original:

Also I enjoyed this WAgg MV so much that I wanted to say that out loud even though this is now two weeks late and about as newsworthy as … well, a WAgg MV:

One of these days, I’ll write a proper thing about melancholiaah:

Ikigusare have started their nightmare campaign for MissID 2021 in earnest.

Tokyo Rockets, who went from cool to meh with nary a blink, are following their big sisters into that good night:

Some people like Devil ANTHEM.

I’d love the backstory behind why Aphrodite is again being rebooted:

Per Chris, a new supergroup virtually arises, and of course it involves MAINA:

I prefer this kind of work of hers anyway:

We’ll always have Ophelia 20mg and that’s a-okay:

This is a Haru appreciation moment:

This group that is apparently called HAKOBUNE is debuting and did the member-reveal thing:

EIMIE out here doing the Unplugged thing all the way down to the sway:

Did I know that Mugen no Scenario is a thing? Or is Dream Scenario the preferred nomenclature? Anyway:

What a blessing:

FAREWELL, MY L.u.v did a whole livestream from a thrift shop. Come for the bargains. Stay for the funk.

Tenka no Chanyuki is an honest-to-god artist.

After last week’s shocking cliffhanger, we’ve all been dying to see the thrilling conclusion to ZOMBIE POWDER Potato Dig.

Even ex-idols must at all times be self-aware:

Let’s Skankin indeed:

Have a good weekend!