Your Homicidols Weekender #185

Happy weekend my friends! I see #stayhome restrictions have loosened many places,  but I’m still writing from isolation so the weekends still blur into all the rest of the days. I also haven’t been able to manage any shipments form Japan for the last couple of months but, lucky for all of us, the artists we admire keep finding ways to create and deliver new content through the Internet tubes. 

FRUN FRIN FRIENDS continue to make our world a better place with the power of vaporwave aesthetics.

We’ve been expecting great things from CROSSNOESIS and they delivered in their no-audience livestream this week.

Another favorite, ELECTRIC HEARTS, continue to say what we feel about the crisis.

Cinema and Boy CQ have released Act Three and Four of their radio drama.

BiSH is releasing a Best Of live performance album with all proceeds going to support live houses that have been unable to hold shows during the stay home orders.

They’re also releasing an EP of tie-in songs to help tide things over in this period.

Nightmare induced Ikigusare has become more active during the quarantine. How appropriate.


Whether you love dub step, hip hop or dempa drops, SHINGEKI’s got you covered in this one.

WAGAMAMA RAKIA gives ua another scorching live track.

Worldend Lover are new to us and are making an enjoyable punk racket here:

KOTO speaking English is the most adorable thing ever!

You’ve probably all heard the new DAI DAI DAI album by now:


Oshiloss Corner

GANG PARADE‘s Haruna Bad Chiiiin‘s back with a new name!


Friends of Homicidols

BABYMETAL Avenger Kano’s unit, @OneFive annouced a second single.

URBANGARDE goes for a Billie Eilish X Kraftwerk mash-up.


Have a good Weekend!