Your Homicidols Weekender #184

So it looks like Homicidols is in no danger of running out of material during the #stayhome era.  Livestreamed shows and buppan sessions are going strong, and during this week when the first COVID19-themed unit was annouced, chika idol ingenuity is being directed in some novel places.  

Michelle has started streaming idol Apex Legends matches on her YouTube channel.

While the Banana Monkeys posted their reactions to watching porn together because of course they did.

BiSH gave us the best live version of beautiful sa.

I don’t know how some of us slept on this: You’ll Melt More’s newest members Nani and Nerun snuck in a Song of the Year contender.

Meawhile, the full You’ll Melt More unit used their #stayhome time to crank out this tribute to essential workers. 

Cinema & Boy CQ released a two-act radio play.

Burst Girl’s livestream event with Monster of Dolls has been subtitled in English.

Quarantine has just made lyrical school stronger.

New Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders. While searching for a cure for COVID19, someone also needs to find a cure for (short ver.) MVs.

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya has added another song to her bandcamp page… Get it while it’s hot!


And on a sadly downbeat note, sora tob sakana have announced their dissolution, which will be finalized this fall. They’ll be releasing one more CD over the summer. Each member is at the moment undecided about what they’ll do in the future.

How about some live CY8ER?

Oshiloss Corner

Con (former Tsurezure) and her band, Gordon, give us a lovely cover of Yorshika’s That’s Why I Quit Music.

Marina Horiuchi (former Marina-Metal and the most eccentric super lady to graduate from Sakura Gakuin) has launched a YouTube channel to spread her sweet weirdness.

Friends of Homicidols

Temma Matsunaga (URBANGARDE) presents “A professional musician who can’t play the guitar plays the guitar”.

Sally Amaki (227) has started a YouTube channel for the .1% of us with nothing better to do than watch Sally Amaki on YouTube.

Have a Good Weekend!