Your Homicidols Weekender #182

When the week’s news slips through the cracks, The Weekender catches it for a feature we call The Weekender.

Rei, Michelle and Okaki (formerly of NECRONOMIDOL) shared some big news with us.

PassCode is back in fine form.

Last week, rinahamu from CY8ER appeared in a single for 4s4ki.  This week, 4s4ki returns the favor.

Migma Shelter gives you something you never knew you wanted: more polka in your trance.

RAY is the best thing going, so how about an hour of that? Thank you!!


10 years ago, Sakura Gakuin gave us BABYMETAL, so I can post this here, right?

If you need a palette cleanser after all that sweetness, how about some Satanic Punish?

A social distance live set with RYUTist and friends!

Oshiloss Corner

Izumi Mari (pla2me) has teamed up with the boys from (m)otocompo to bring us this exercise in quarantining.

The former CoCoCo (Yukueshirezutsurezure) saw her band Gordon’s MV break 1,00 views.  Help them reach 2,000!

Have a good weekend!!