Your Homicidols Weekender #18

What an exhausting week! The Corenament will wrap up its first two rounds today, we had a whole mess of graduation and disbandment news, some favorites took some chances, we heard cool new music … all in all, a good time, but I’m spent. I didn’t even get a chance to do my own thing for #NecromaReacts yet (though you definitely should)! But idol never rests, and nor does your friendly neighborhood Maniac!

What’d We Miss?

Remember our friend Shazy, the Filipino girl who wanted to idol and got talked down to by some ass? Because she’s cool, and also probably because folks kind of rallied to her, she made the next round of the MNL48 auditions:

Did you see PassCode’s cover art for their “bite the bullet” single coming out next month?

I love how they keep the same basic visual theme going with each release. That’s quality branding right there. is great. Risa is a literal goddess.

Here’s that trailer for the Babymetal Tokyo Dome DVD:


Nik Soo Lee shared this with me on Facebook; it’s a Russian parody cover of “Nippon Manju”:

Apparently, You’ll Melt More! and predia are friends now, the latter bringing the power pop to a YMM classic:

I got excited about WiLL for a second, and they thanked me by doing this:


I felt kind of the same way about this new track from HAMIDASYSTEM:

Gokigen Teikoku rounds out a rough week of graduations and disbandments:

Have a glorious weekend!

Why does Norway get all of the nice things?

5 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #18

  1. I got my first dispatch from the Tsurezure fan club mailing list this week, it was just a quick note that they “decided” to join the NMFT tour. They call Toronto “Tront” 😛

  2. I love these Weekenders. Good to catch up news about both known and the unknown. I tend to miss news from my favorites as I tend to miss checking new tweets 😀

    Not this weeks news as it was already releases before. But what about this?


    Not the best song ever. Music video itself isn’t that good either and looks low budget. Sort of cheap image and outfits for the girls. The surprising thing is that this is actually a major release. Their first one for Tokyo Torico (Universal). One could expected it to be more professional…something more with that big major behind. Or is it just me who thinks in this way?

    Perhaps they thought they are unique as they are a idol group made up by all gravure models. G☆Girls have been around since 2011 it seems and have gone through countless of member changes.

    How would this be labeled. They can’t idol as they clearly don’t have a purity image. Are the alternative idol then? Are they loud enough to be at homicidols?

    Sometimes it’s a bit confusing why major labels sign certain artist. Like there are plenty of other idol groups whom are more unique and much more talented.

    • Don’t think I’d call them homicidol, not enough bass or aggression in the sound. And in terms of purity or lack thereof they’re solidly beaten by Ebisu Muscats, 90% of whom are porn stars.

      Ebisu Muscats are another weird one, they don’t even pretend to be pure, they’re mates with Kamen Joshi and have some interesting personalities (when Kamen Joshi came on their TV show they nearly started a fistfight). On the other hand their music is soft as talcum powder, and I don’t see any sign of that changing (well, except when they did a Genkidane cover once, but I don’t know how good that was)

      • Forgot about Ebisu Muscats. Perhaps as I never really liked them. True they beat G☆Girls when it comes to lack of purity.

        There is also a group called PINKEY that are all AV actresses.

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