Your Homicidols Weekender #174 (Life in Exile Edition)

Hello peeps and welcome to your weekend in exile! It’s been heck of a surreal week, and I don’t think the uncertainty is past us just yet. Everything is a bit out of sorts and the idol world / fandom community is no different. If you’re self-quarantining out of legit health concerns, or simply because you’re terribly introverted anyway, I hope you can the make due with the circumstances and try to utilize the time for some personal healing and positive reflection. And if you are someone who has to get out there and mingle with the masses, I hope you use caution wherever you can and make it through okay.

And by all means, remember your fellow fans are here online for you, and let us entertain you and offer group support as best we can. I might suggest, for example , that you join in on a Friday Fun that’s got a lot of great potential….for fun!

So let’s get some weekending weekender stuff… 

Cinema and Boy CQ and TRASH UP!! Records are postponing the release of their latest album because of concerns the virus precautions will prevent them from participating in promotional activities. It was going to come out in April, but no alternate date has been set yet….

And as you know, Chiaki Mayumura‘s first show in the west was canceled (and then streamed anyway!) when NakaKon in Kansas City decided it was wisest to postpone their convention. Chichan of course made the most of it…

Speaking of coronavirus, that killed WACK EXHiBiTiON, but not the actual audition camp preceding it. ‘Hoo boy.

Seireki13ya  released an MV from what looks like self-quarantine.

Cametre (formerly Koutei Camera Actress) are very pleasant.

PEDIOPHOBIA almost Beyonce Lemonade’d us.

Breaking News!! BABYMETAL want you to buy their new Blu Ray.

Speaking of live PVs, here’s a full  Burst Girl gig.


Or how about some MIGMA SHELTER.



Oshiloss Corner

Kotao (formally of avandoned) is featured in a gothy MV by a new group calling themselves Blan

Hanako (formerly Muropanako from BiS) is fronting a new project, Her knuckle, and will be releasing a single on Sunday.

Have a good weekend!! Wash your hands!