Your Homicidols Weekender #171

Last week, I made a little oopsie with the title, don’t worry, we didn’t go back in time, I’m just a dum-dum. But really, nothing much even happened this week. Wth the coronavirus hitting Japan harder than a western journalist discovering kawaii culture, almost every bit of news coming out has just been cancellation after cancellation. Some artists have handled the outbreak in more interesting ways than others, but in general, this week has been scraping the barrel in terms of even weekender-worthy content. Not that we didn’t find anything at all, even in the face of shutdown, idol always finds a way.

Speaking of coronavirus, THE BANANA MONKEYS handled that with the amount of grace you can typically expect at this point.

After only a few months, Anku is out of BURST GIRL.

2& is coming back to Europe this summer courtesy of our friends at Orion Live.

Team favorite RAY dropped a new track.

There’s also a new SAKA-SAMA tune available on international streaming platforms! It certainly doesn’t sound like any SAKA-SAMA song we’ve heard before, but that’s completely okay, especially when it’s this good…

Malcolm Mask McLaren‘s UNFINISHED music video is most likely finished, actually.

The KAQRIYOTERROR rerecorded album is here but not on streaming services. Guess you’ll have to wait two weeks like with lilithpride or import a few copies ey?

A whole big Oyasumi Hologram thing.

Yanakoto Sotto Mute spent some of their major-label record deal money on new outfits.

If you got two+ spare hours, BiSH uploaded their entire tour final.

Oshiloss Corner

Screw looking reserved and professional at this moment in time, SARI CD!!!! SARI CD!!!!!!

Follow ex-avandoned Nikki‘s new twitter: (Also: Inukai Haru’s new account his here, and Nene Hirune is here!)

Have a good weekend!!