Your Homicidols Weekender #17

Damn, you guys. I was actually glad to have so much Corenament work to do, seeing as how there wasn’t a whole lot else happening, but then the last couple of days got completely stupid with developments. One important programming note, though, is that the alt-idol cast is back today:

So don’t miss it!

So What Else All Happened, Maniac, You Dolt?

#THEENDER herself, Aina the End, collaborated with electronica savant TeddyLoid on an EP coming out next week:

Yeah, “MONSTERS” gets a remix. That’s good for Aina, and good for BiSH! I don’t understand why that song, though!

Just in case there was any doubt as to why WA-SUTA wasn’t included in the Corenament, it’s because the Harlem Globetrotters may play a lot of exhibitions, but there’s a reason why they aren’t in any actual leagues.

The very existence of this tweet from Brian is morally wrong:

Did you know that Maison Book Girl has an album coming out in a few weeks?

I didn’t! Nor was I aware of this video until it happened!

Honestly, though, why does every MBG song sound like every other MBG song?

And speaking of video, take all the time in the world to groove on this Rinne joint:

Less exciting (unless you’re in Taiwan) is this video greeting from PassCode:

Also, remember: New single.

The greatest idol battle of all time is about to unfold between FRUITPOCHETTE and Malcolm Mask McLaren:

Ishido Natsumi, the kind of cool indie idol who’ll perform with a band and generally be a lot better than she gets credit for, and puller-off of what could have been a pretty big Corenament upset if her fans had finished the job, has a new single coming up:

One of the benefits of the Corenament — while you guys find yourselves researching unfamiliar names, I’m going back through their Twitter feeds to see what’s going on!

Yanakoto Sotto Mute went and faked me out hard yesterday, doing the ol’ announcement routine on Twitter right in the middle of their album promotion, thereby making me suspect a video. It’s not an MV, but:


DEVIL GUN may be unfortunately under ANFORT’s management, and we still have no good idea of what they sound like, but they’re going to be opening for a UK metalcore band when they hit Japan:

4 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #17

  1. Maison Book Girl really brings out my old art-school impulses and makes me adore them every time. I do get the “songs all sound alike” critique, and it’s a valid observation , but my take is that it’s part of a thread running through their work that’s intended to bind the songs together into an overall thematic art project. Also, it certainly didn’t hurt the Ramones. 😀

    Anyway, I decided last night that I’m gonna pre-order that MBG album special edition because it comes with a photobook, and their aesthetic is so beautiful and artsy that I know I’ll love holding it my hands.

  2. #THEENDER is actually the name for Aina’s core fanbase, much like how BiS members had their own fan names (Saki’s were Handsomes, Uika’s were Summer Wars, etc).

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