Your Homicidols Weekender #167

Good morning! Did you all have a good week? Mine was interesting, marked largely by the fact that it started a nice, long stretch of relative freedom during which I am going to get so much stuff done, you guys, that I can barely stand it. It’s an amazing feeling to have no pressure nor expectation of the same, and to know that it’s going to last almost until you next have to hit the road. Ah, liberty.

I can understand that you may not be so enthused, though, yourself. We’re basically just moving between disasters out there in the world, and then you get to add the incredible political theater that is the impeachment trial — like, a person can be forgiven for feeling stressed and looking for diversions. I’m personally going to spend the weekend half in and out of doing stuff because stuff must as always be done, but I’m also going to be ignoring mass media for a couple of days and, well, checking out mentally.

So with that in mind, I did everything I could to pack as much as I (reasonably) could into this week’s Weekender. Between that and the Fun, which I hope you have more time to play now, there should be more than enough idol stuff to keep your brain occupied and spirit in a restful place.

You’re Welcome

The incomparable human goddesses Yanakoto Sotto Mute are going major and have their first single coming so soon that I’m afraid that I might wet myself:

The rare look into KAQRIYOTERROR and … who am I kidding? I’m just surprised that they pulled aside the curtain:

I really, really loved this new one from Pure White Canvas but knew that I’d never get around to posting about it:

Here’s Sari’s recording of … her waking up in the morning?

Don’t even ask how I got snookered into thinking this was going to be a new Yanase You MV:

This is your very important CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL membership update:

And this is your very important reminder that Sakura Gakuin kills:

And using that weird-ass segue, hey, it’s another new BABYMETAL DVD!

Howsoever you choose to listen to the new CROSSNOESIS album, you really need to do it:

I, uh, I kind of want to watch the Honey Emperor documentary:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Gokigen Teikoku, who have added “Omega” to their name (fun!) and as such are releasing a new album which is now technically their first and as such are calling it basically the same thing as their last first album. I’m missing something! Oh Ichiho, you cad!

Here’s a recording session:

Also this happened, and no I don’t know why the two most recent members wear masks:

Gokigen Teikoku Omega, everybody!

No joke, I’d love it for No Surprises to keep this look going all the time:

In honor of being asked about ska idols the other day, I hereby promote BAMBi out of Clip Corner for purposes of … well, nothing, it just helps to structure this monster post a little bit better:

Also no joke, let’s all congratulate Colorpointe for 10 friggin years:

We got more NightOwl over the course of the week, and frankly their best:


Clip Corner

Goddamn, NILKLY:

I love DAIDAIDAI so much:

The video quality sucks but the POPPING EMO girls honestly sound great:

Nothing will have you more ready to conquer the world than Full Power Girls R:

Enjoy this clip of TEARS sharing as well the news about their first single:

I haven’t written about NiANiHiL yet, but I will:

You guys are cool with me force-feeding you sora tob sakana, right?

So much energy that I can barely keep up:

Found these VANDARIZE clips the other day:

Share every clip of xoxo EXTREME that you can, make them famous:

I’m ever thankful that Malcolm Mask McLaren has always been so live-friendly, video-wise:

At this point, let’s go in for LiLii Koana, too:

If see FRUITPOCHETTE perform live with a band at this point in their lives doesn’t fill you with joy, you have no heart and should probably talk to a doctor:

Dance along with PANDAMIC!

Did you happen to catch this GANG PARADE thing?

It’s not the “ENEN” moment, but still:

Have a great weekend!