Your Homicidols Weekender #166

Good morning! You ever just have one of those days? Technically mine just started because it’s oh-dark-hilarious here at the moment, but I’m putting myself flush in the middle because it actually started yesterday afternoon. Ain’t really feeling it! But hey, it wasn’t the most exciting week in idol, either, so I don’t feel like I’m selling anything short here so much as, like, just kind of matching the mood. Go play the Fun, though; it’s scandalous!

Oh, Wow, That Was Fast

For something completely different, give Little Glee Monster a spin:

RIP Noe’s solo career:

This shirt though, not for nothing:

I keep meaning to show you guys this NEMURIORCA MV:

Similarly, this trailer for the new Marionet EP:

We really could and maybe should talk more about HANAMUKE:

WATASHI, MUGENDAI, renewed, look ready to go:

Here’s another one of those Lily of the Valley features:

A thing that I did not ever expect to talk up for 143 is a live DVD:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is BiSH, of all things, for apparently regaining full control of their IP but still working with avex, as their long-dormant YouTube channel sprang back to life with a bunch of old stuff, a bunch of repurposed stuff and a bunch of stuff to come. It even has its own trailer!

But the real important thing is tomorrow’s YouTube live, which you may be able to watch here:

Good lord.

I want to live this one from IVOLVE more than I do:

O’CHAWANZ successfully completed their crowdfunding-for-an-album project an entire month ahead of schedule! You should still give them money, though:

The glory that is HAMIDASYSTEM requires more than mere Clip Corner coverage:

This is why you can’t trust idols with social media:

Clip Corner

New song from Yanakoto Sotto Mute!

Got some very nice UNDERBEASTY:


Malcolm Mask McLaren with one of my favorite songs from last year:

Here’s more SHINGEKI:

The Grateful a MogAAAz, yes:

Dang, Pinoco:

It would be pretty cool if Aphrodite ever, like, did anything other than perform a lot:

I see this EIMIE clip and am reminded that we are now in a world well beyond parody:

For my fellow Especia-missers:

We’ve never talked about Sandal Telephone, and you understand why of course, but come on, this is nice:


In some ways, this live cut of RAY is beautiful and amazing; in other ways, it is terrible. I love it:

Maki Itoh is aces:

Have a great weekend!