Your Homicidols Weekender #163

Good morning! Is everybody having a nice holiday season so far? Here at Maniac Mansion, it’s been a (frankly, annoying) non-stop rigamarole of visiting people and cooking and going to see GWAR and long-term planning and the like. I am beat. And, wouldn’t you know it, idol decided that this was the Christmas week to actually be fairly active and interesting! So while I tried to capture as much of the engaging stuff from a wild week, I didn’t get anywhere near all of it. And, knock on wood, we’ll get to cover a couple of these things in more depth in the next day or so. And definitely stay tuned for the Year in Review in Review, coming … Monday or Tuesday. Probably Monday.

I’m personally gassed and staring a long day of driving and brunch and driving and dinner and driving in the face, so I’ll cut it short. Go play the Fun, naturally, and then get down into this big ol’ mess. Love your idols.

But Where Is Everything?

If you hadn’t seen yet, next year’s Tokyo Idol Festival is being mercifully moved to October. This is good news for everybody’s health; I feel that all we lose in this exchange is excuses to make puns about the Heat Garage:

Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, who never age or change in any way, are releasing their fifth(!) album in February; here’s the lead MV:

Our friend and yours Rain went to Bangkok to see the immaculate Yanakoto Sotto Mute and wrote a thing about it:

This Q’ulle special feature broke my damn heart:

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice CY8ER?

Okaki got herself a guest vocal spot here:

I hope you all enjoy the new one from Emomomomo more than I did:

They lost a SODA but gained a new single at their one-man last weekend; I speak of course of CROSSNOESIS:

Inoue Yume is still the best thing that ever came out of 969:

This photo:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is nobody because I only looked at Twitter like twice over five days. Instead …

Clip Corner

Here’s a very good cut of 15GERM:

Also excellent I.D.And FlyLooM:


The goddess-level work of HAMIDASYSTEM:

This is excellent GARUDA:

I probably haven’t mentioned Kozuki Serena in literal years, but here you go anyway:

We don’t get a lot of SHINGEKI live video, so:

Killing it as always with Devil ANTHEM:

Get a little denpa in your life from Anthurium:

Our Eternal Oshi is getting herself involved on some really interesting stuff:

New MV from tipToe.:

The final look for Party Rockets GT:

You’ll Melt More! showing both how the sausage gets made and also how small Younapi is in real life:

We usually skip over BiSH items in this space just because there are dozens every week, but, uh, here you go!

I have no idea what this was, but it looks like it was fun:

A very special message from Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Have a great weekend!

This is terrible