Your Homicidols Weekender #162

Welcome back to the weekend, ya weirdos! I hope you had a good week. We here at Team Homicidols certainly did — we got to publish the annual Best Ofs for both community and Team (with minimal blowback, hooray!), we welcomed Cal with an excellent first post, and we started to put together the Year in Review in Review, which we’ll likely have posted by New Year’s Eve at the latest. In fact, oddly enough, this somehow felt like a nicely mid-key week for idol. Everybody’s revving up for Christmas, I guess. So let’s get right to the point! It’s also now officially winter, which is awesome in its own right except that I didn’t get to winter in around Maniac Mansion this year and will be stuck trying to get all of this stuff done before the real winter weather kicks in next month. Nice and chilly, though, and the only time when it’s like that and people are actually in a good mood. In that spirit, go play the Fun and then Weekender yourself into a lazy day.

That Does Sound Nice

As if 2019 still wanted to prove that there is no god, we get the terrible goddamn news that amiinA is done in May:

Very happy to see that the amazing Dance for Philosophy are going major next year, and with a label that isn’t going to actively sabotage their career to boot!

It’d be a real shame if the mishmash were to ever release one of these songs in full:

Ah, obscure NECRONOMIDOL merch:

You ain’t seen nothing til you’ve seen Bury acoustic:

Less than a week after I praised her individual star power, Hinako from XTEEN is doing a solo thing — COINCIDENCE?!

You guys may not get excited for C-Style videos, but I do:

Here’s the trailer for that Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da album:

And here’s a little dance video of PANDAMIC who apparently prefer for it to be styled that way!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Wagamama Rakia, about whom I learned a few important things! One of those things is that they, now a quartet, did this thing!

But they also have a side project, and that did this thing!

And also the entire group is … doing an acoustic EP!

That’s wild! This segment is over!

A very thorough preview of EMPiRE:

You might like this new one from Herosyn:

Very bad news from the avandoned camp:

And yes, I did miss that SODA is out of CROSSNOESIS:

For if you wanted to keep up with your maybe-favorite cana÷biss member:

A NILKLY got her wings clipped, kinda of literally!

Clip Corner

I repeat: Broken By The Scream:

Yet more No Surprises because I love them:

I really cannot get enough of Nue in live settings:

Here’s some GRATIA-ALA at their third anniversary live the other day:

You may get a nice kick out of THE LOST who I hadn’t ever heard until yesterday:

Some The Grateful a MogAAAz:

Do it to it, KINGRAGE:

I threw some shade their way earlier in the week, so here are some nice live ayumikurikamaki photos:

New single from Hachimitsu Emperor as they apparently prefer to be called:

We found this new one from femme fatale scandalous:

Oshiloss Corner

Co3 fans rejoice, as Gordon has interesting things brewing:

Speaking of Codomomental alumni, Togaren‘s back with a new name and new group!

Kudos for the idol formerly known as Toriaez Hana!

You probably can’t see it, but if you’re already following her, the idol formerly known as either Mone or Sui depending on whether you had her in You’ll Melt More! or Hauptharmonie has a new line of personal merch:

Bet you ever expected to see Iida Raura on here, did you?

It’s an idol two-stepping on loop!

Have a great weekend!