Your Homicidols Weekender #161

Good morning! And for the first time, let me wish everybody a very happy holiday season — if there’s one thing that everybody needs regardless of circumstance, it’s a couple of weeks of merriness and brightness.

What a last few days though, huh? The ultimate in people’s democracy unfolded, with unexpected results but, in retrospect, confirming what a simpler reading of the tea leaves could have foretold. I think that the full results, once known and understood, will really surprise some people, and not pleasantly. And if the Best of 2019 weren’t wild enough, I understand that you all in the UK had something of an election the other day. Isn’t democracy grand?

Let’s do that thing, that very Homicidols thing, where we all don’t just accentuate the positive, but bathe in it. Honestly, while I have more to share about the Best Of when we release the results on Monday, for now I just want to say that we really do have a great community of people in the international idol fandom, and it shows. And so in the meantime, enjoy for yourself the week that was, play the Fun and then go drink some mulled beverage in an outdoor market somewhere.

Lemons Out Of Lemonade, This Guy

Our Official Oshi is headed back to the UK!

I’m very uncertain as to how to handle Mashiro’s band, but it’s good, so:

Ayano is taking a year-long graduation sprint with Gu-Gu LULU and I love her for it:

I couldn’t justify another NEO JAPONISM post in the latest string, so fortunately they went a power pop direction with the latest rebirth song:

Not Secured, Loose Ends fans, important news:

mufan followed me back finally, so I feel like I need to do them a solid

You don’t realize how much you may need to have Broken By The Scream in your life until you realize that you haven’t seen something like this in months:

I don’t know how elfloat managed to have a bad lyric video, but here we are:

Get your con on!

The latest and last of Candye Syrup is available via your favorite digital service.

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is AIBECK, who I feel like where actually just in this space not that long ago, but what are you gonna do? I was actually really excited when I saw that they dropped this track, but then it didn’t really motivate me a whole lot, and you know what that means:

This was of course via a very important RT campaign that clearly paid off. And at the same time, I want to commend their overhead filming style:

AIBECK as a duo isn’t something that I’m used to, at all, but I’m sure they’ll make it work.

It feels like absolute ages since I got to do anything with, but here we go!

ZOC is such a strange group, you guys:

Trouble in the HONEY EMPEROR camp!

And also down goes one BLACK NAZARENE:

I really wanted to write something good for this new one from NaNoMoRaL but completely failed:

Oshiloss Corner

Ex-Koutei Camera Girl Drei, Pacio, is called inu now. Follow her!


Former-Tsurezure, Tsuyame has a new boyfriend.

I present to you yet another new one from tipToe.:

Check out my girls in Arrow Heart doing possibly the most ignoble thing possible for idols and playing a local gym:

I love them so much

Talk with our good friends in Cinema & Boy CQ:

Clip Corner

What an absolute treat it is to see XOXO EXTREME at the top of their game:

Feature-length EMPiRE!

Here’s an exceptional chunk of Up Up Girls doing their thing:

Full-on No Surprises doing a legacy staple:

Today in idols that I didn’t even realize I was following:

This is old RAY but nonetheless vital:

Here are a couple of clips from GL TOKYO:


This is an extremely important photo of the greatest human alive reacting to meeting Jack Black the way that I’d react to meeting the greatest human alive:

Out on the street with members of Zsasz:

Never change, Yuki:

Have a great weekend!