Your Homicidols Weekender #16

I like when there’s so much going on that not even the Weekender can capture it all. You guys, this was a good week. We need more random idol stuff and new music and new video and all of that twice over again.

So What Happened?

Ex-BRGHer Ayano released some details about her solo project, including its debut:

The remnant of BRGH that is There There Theres keeps making announcements for things that are good for them but do nothing to improve my life, and I’m what really matters:

Nudity? Nudity.

I would watch the shit out of this show:

See if this Periscope live clip of CY8ER still works:

And speaking of CY8ER, what about Mashiro’s solo work?

Here’s You’ll Melt More! on a radio show with a person with a terrible voice:

This is sweet; while DEEP GIRL continues to deteriorate, super-sudden ex-members Mashiro and Non had themselves a proper graduation party.

The friendship between those two was something the people always noted, so it’s neat to see that they’re keeping it up with a little tongue-in-cheek clap back at their do-little old unit. (TY Patrick)

Gokigen Teikoku is wrapping up studio work:

And after their video for “HKYT,” if think it’s safe to say that whatever they’re up to is going to be awesome.

In sad news, my beautiful disaster Hiiragi Fuyu is hanging ’em up:

Heart ni Pochicon will go on, though, and are unveiling their new lineup on the 30th. Yuana’s been a real trooper about this; even though she’s going to miss her friend (her Twitter is so sad), Pochicon will be able to deliver on its weird promise.

You know who’s godddamn terrifying? C-Style:

Also, this little bit of lyrics from Hauptharmonie

Nozomi, ex of petit pas! and most recently with Alloy, is done with another project already:

Felix got up a quicky translation of her message; it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

Wisdom in the unlikeliest of places:

Have a ridiculously awesome weekend!

One thought on “Your Homicidols Weekender #16

  1. Breaking News- Anna quit Ice Cream Suicide…. Damn that girl is useless

    “Good evening. It is Fujagi Anna.

    I am really sorry that I quit ICE CREAM SUICIDE in this way.

    I’ve always tried hard to think about the fans who support me even if there is something that is not convincing about management or painful things.
    However, I have to put up with various things and make the fans, who are cheering for supporting the ICE CREAM SUICIDE as a member, have disgusting feelings, sorrowful thoughts, painful thoughts It came out, it was different, I thought strongly that I should not leave it as it is.
    I have decided that I can not continue as a member of ICE CREAM SUICIDE, as it has become the current situation. As a result, it was forced to cancel the contract through an attorney of the agent.”

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