Your Homicidols Weekender #159

Good morning! I don’t know about my fellow Americans, but I’m personally still recovering from going a little too ham on Thanksgiving, and I still have family obligations to gut out while my body feels like it’s stuffed with just the tiniest bit too much sausage filling. I really do wonder how our ancestors handled the periodic feast days that all but required people to eat until they physically couldn’t anymore, seeing as how there are all manner of over-the-counter medications that I can take for some relief, and all they had was booze.

Anyway, enough real and metaphorical bellyaching: As if you hadn’t noticed, idol has been going into full-time year-end mode, with new material and announcements of new material to come flying around like mad. It’s all very good and very exciting. And while I did my personal most posting in a long-ass while as a result, it’s still a very packed Weekender for you. Enjoy.

And for real, do me a favor and play the Fun. I don’t always get to fill in for Kerrie, but when I do, I like to get personal, and in this case I took advantage of the holiday to go with a theme, and I think that anybody reading this has a very good reason to be thankful for idol, in one way or another. Tell us about it!

You’re a Sentimental Nerd

Prepare yourself for the string of promos to support the new album from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

Maybe even do it with this trailer for the full HAMIDASYSTEM album:

I’m personally super into this emerging nuance album:

This Wonder Lander reboot is such a tease:

Everybody on Team looked at and considered this new one from EMPiRE and felt no real motivation, so here we go, it’s Weekendered!

Whatcha up to, ZSASZ?

It really does feel like SHACHI could become a major-ass international star at any moment, doesn’t it?

Excellent E-girls dance video:

Or what about yet another impromptu random-location STARMARIE performance?

When your old friends come back for a one-night-only special engagement that please don’t tease me like this!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is our old friend Haruno Megumi, who was I believe last seen appearing mostly clothed in C-level action films but seemed to have fully migrated her career ambitions firmly into the direction of digital eroticism. She has apparently created some new music, though!

That these appear to be in no small part due to her latest gravure video needing a soundtrack is of little consequence; I’m just glad that Megumi’s still doing the music thing.

I have no idea what to make of this thing from Jekyll and Hyde:

You do enjoy Seireki 13ya, don’t you?

The criminally under-exposed Payrin’s played a new song the other night:

predia are sort of at that place where they can do whatever they want and make it work:

For starters, I definitely didn’t expect this from 15GERM, and especially not after I (finally) learned that they used to be SHiX:

You too can join Husky:

I failed to ever post this new one from LAST IN MY CULT, but that’s also fine because it isn’t that good:

Clip Corner

Holy shit, Saya:

Excellent raymay:

And just as excellent NEO BREAK:

We always need live NECRONOMIDOL:

I love being able to include DESURABBITS:

Almost as much as I do Devil ANTHEM:

Or something that we don’t see a ton of, like GL TOKYO:

This is so sad:

Michelle from NECRONOMIDOL appears herein:

Oh good, more incoming mind-breaking from SHINGEKI:

David Liao from New School Kaidan celebrated his birthday with Full Power Girls R:

Have a great weekend!