Your Homicidols Weekender #157

Good morning!

Yeah, it’s Saturday. What a week. At least I’d been loosely following Twitter up to a point! I checked in yesterday evening and had this massive, sudden realization that not only had Friday come and effectively gone, but that I had barely even though about much of anything beyond work since, well, the weekend before. But did putting this together help to cure what ailed me? In small measure, friend, it did.

Seek Help

The last time I led off with Up Up Girls 2? Never!

There are multiple reasons why I’m holding up this Yanakoto Sotto Mute live clip as a Very Important Item and I’ll let you figure out what they are on your own:

dope-chan has their actual videos on region block, so:

Is the newest from sora tob sakana excellent? Yes:

Oh, Kai release:

Meanwhile her old partner in crime YONEKO remains amazing:

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, Wonder Lander!

My goodness, the full version of this the mishmash track is going to be a jolt of pure life:

Another excellent QUEENS dance video:

Sharing JAPANARIZM in the spirit of us all opening ourselves up to whatever it is they do:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is avandoned because you shut your mouth, we love them and you should too. But guess what! They got a new member!

You may recognize her if you follow the right part of the scene. Here’s Nene’s greeting:

And because I need to flesh this out, here’s a live clip of theirs from before Nene joined!


You can try to tell me that there’s a good reason to not always share Kindan no Tasuketsu, and I’ll literally never believe you:

I really do love everything that BiS is doing right now:

If you’re still in it for BLACKNAZARENE, I have excellent news for you:

Our precious DIY still-technically Official Oshi DOUBLE AND or however I’m supposed to write it now is finally getting into the streaming services:

I couldn’t remember if we’d ever taken a good look at Transfer Girls or whatever, but it’s definitely something you kids would dig:

Clip Corner

It’s the two most recent WACK groups squaring off in a, uh, pretty fun live!

I was really hoping that this live MV from No Surprises would have Juli’s entrance, but alas:

mikicco has true wota I’m sure, but I doubt any of them smile harder than me when the rare really solid clip surfaces:

Because they were probably at the gig, see

Let’s do the Gu-Gu LULU thing some more:


And more Fullfull Pocket just in case you need what nobody delivers quite as well as them:

I very literally do love the idea of Panda Mic becoming some kind of post-R&B thing:

Excellent energy from IVOLVE:

Clip in Focus Idol Corner!

Perfect hybrid item? Just Re:LAYZ and their actual official final live:

Live clips, but real MV from Marionet? More or less!

“Oh awesome, a new BiSH MV!” said thousands in the span between getting a notification and seeing that it’s just friggin’ “Orchestra” again:

Never let idols TikTok:

Have a great weekend!

Special bonus! I saw this and now you have to!