Your Homicidols Weekender #156

Good morning, ya goofs! Today is a special day. Yes, it’s Saturday, and yes, by the vagaries of the turn of the year and a few fortuitous personal circumstances, I for all intents and purposes completed my meaningful job-work for the year yesterday. Stress is down, hope is up, and while it’s true that the winter chill has arrived a little earlier than usual to Maniac Mansion, I’m looking forward to some wonderful time that begins basically now.

But that’s not what makes today special! No, today’s special because, if you math along with me, you’ll see that this is the effective third anniversary of the Weekender, which (do not try to correct me) I believe is the longest-running weekly episodic blog post about idols who scream and swear and so on. I’ve done a lot of these, and some of them have been good (this one is good) and some of them have been bad (I make no guarantees though), but all of them have been done in an effort to capture a much wider sampling of what’s happening in the hard side of idol in a given week, and maybe expose you all to some related things that might otherwise slip through the cracks. The Weekender has evolved to include more big-ticket stuff in recent months, but its core purpose and stupid format remain largely intact since the very beginning.

Anyway, I enjoy it, and I hope you do, too. Data suggest that a good number of you do! So that’s fine.

Now go play the Fun and let’s look forward to at least a few dozen more!

That’s an Odd Way of Saying “Seven”

There’s a (great so far) new project from tapestok records; give a listen to Los An Jewels:

satis faction is already my favorite idol ever

Well, so much for Emo7 as you know them:

STARMARIE, fresh off of missing their gig in Atlanta, appeared in Mexico and had these things on their heads:

I finally listened to the whole 3776 album, so now you should too even if you already have before:

Another new demo from Owaranaide, Yoru:

This is a very cool, if somewhat incongruous, live MV from SHINGEKI:

We may have found the next best career move for First Summer Uika:

QUEENS put out some dance videos:

Europe, wake the hell up!

I always imagined that there would’ve been more KissBeeWEST posting after the first time, but not so much — which is to say, enjoy this lovely idorock ballad:

Jekyll and Hyde out here getting funky:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is NaNoMoRaL, who have a new album out soon:

But are most stoked about these reviews contributed by the folks behind RAY/Dots and tipToe.:

This all started because of a live clip, so let’s look at that too:


LinQ, after popping back into my consciousness last week, up and rewarded me by uploading a ton of stuff this week; this is my favorite:

Similarly did Easter Girls:

But most importantly did Kindan no Tasuketsu:

Clip Corner

On one hand, this is bad; on the other, because it’s bad it’s more credibly live even though it’s pro-cut; so, Nue:

Check out my perfect girls in Wonder Lander:

Twice in two weeks from Honey Emperor? That’s just dumb luck, friends:

I thought Re:LAYz was done, but this just keeps happening:

Wait a bit, the Tenkou Shoujo live will start when ready:

The incomparable Melon Batake a go go :

Okay, HAMIDASYSTEM, yikes:

This is edited, but it counts because it’s not edited much; IVOLVE gang:

Likewise Fullfull Pocket:

The glory of raymay:

This is why marathons are a bad idea, kids:

CODE OF ZERO is a great example of how moving on from idol can be a very good move:

Enjoy this new MV from COLOR’z:

I’ll keep sharing HALLCA until it supersedes all memories of Especia:

Just Sari with a cat on her head:

Have a great weekend!