Your Homicidols Weekender #155

Good morning, ya goofs! It’s a little bit late for the Weekender to be hitting newsstands, but your friendly neighborhood Maniac is on the road and a bit short of time. And does anybody actually read the intros, anyway? Probs not! So go play the Fun and then dig in and enjoy yourself a weird glut of idol.

Oh That Was Abrupt

Aizawa Ayaka certainly knows how to make an announcement:

Enjoy this (2nd) anniversary MV from Himegami CRISIS:

Marionet’s been quite lately, but hey here’s a message ahead of their anniversary live!

This from sora tob sakana is way too fun:

I needed an excuse to do something for PassCode, so here:

Honey Emperor, is this real?

Behind the scenes with GANG PARADE!

It pleases me to report that NEO JAPONISM’s return to life is mere days away:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is the idol formerly and variously known as Nayuta and Nonamera and probably an actual birth name by her family and stuff. After basically being fan-bullied out of Kaqriyo Terror Architect — now KAQRIYOTERROR — whew, that was a while ago, she laid very low. Fans thought that she might have just walked away. But no! Just the other day, an old project of hers from the period between OG Avandoned and Kaqiryo, clearly with her back involved, was sharing back on Soundcloud:

The composer behind this has worked with quite a few of our nearest and dearest projects in the homi side of the Idolverse, and while it’s clearly not something that’ll propel anybody into mainstream success, it’s good to see Nonayuta (as PM calls her) back to working with a highly talented creative. I hope we get more!

If you were looking forward to seeing STARMARIE in Atlanta:

New one from Qumali Depart:

For my fellow CROSSNOESIS/HAMIDASYSTEM stans, SODA’s gonna be okay:

I am pleased to bring you once again the work of Moecore Gakuen:

If you’d told me at this point that Electric Ribbon’s new album was only going to be like their second ever, I’d scoff loudly:

How Okaki came to be:

I call this sequence The Hikari Shiina Halloween Spectacular:

Clip Corner

This CY8ER clip is so intimate that you can practically smell the idols:

We should always save space for Fullfull Pocket:

I bet this is only the second time ever that I’ve shared Aquanote with you:

I didn’t watch all of this, but I think it’s just the helpfully shorthand-rendered Emo7:

Likewise the Aphrodite portion of the program:

The forever-incomparable You’ll Melt More!:

I hadn’t thought about LinQ in ages, so this was neat:

Here’s a little bit of yandoll talking up their one-man-with-a-band:

What the hell is this, C-Style?

And this, friends, is what happens when somebody asks if idols could go Ghostemane:

Have a great weekend!

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