Your Homicidols Weekender #154

Good morning! Good heavens, what a week that was. I write you today in the pre-dawn hours as I enter the final day of a whirlwind that fortunately brings one phase of one thing to an end and leaves me space for a little while until the next phase begins. And what a week it was! When I checked in yesterday afternoon to try to get some additional items for this here Weekender, it was done under the impression that, well, that I really needed to find some stuff for the Weekender. Little did I know that it would blow up like this!

So enjoy, and relax, and spend some time outside in what’s a beautiful time of transition all over the world except for people in the tropics or the polar regions. Here we get fallen leaves; people in the Upside Down have spring; and it’s all good. And play the Fun while you’re at it, because Halloween is mere days away and you may as well get your nightmares solved early!

What Are You Calling a Nightmare?

Our old pal Montero has safely delivered!

I absolutely love this new one from 963:

Because there truly aren’t enough idols from Hiroshima, another new unit forms from the MAPLEZ parent:

Once upon a time, ages ago, I did a post about Genshoku Theatre. They’re apparently a whole idol thing now:

/Willy Wonka voice/ Oh no, BabyHolic are going on hiatus, please don’t:

Have I ever shared with you guys this album trailer from Strawberry Painkiller front-idol Ichigo?

Here are the buGG members prepping for Idol Halloween, the funnest day of the year:

As you may recall, we once discussed GLTOKYO like three years ago:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is No Surprises because they pulled off the kind of membership move that only happens in idol. And because it’s in the Osaka scene, I get to be one of three people (along with Chris!) who really enjoys it.

Yeah, it’s this simple: They added my girl Julie, ex of melt music (who were even cooler when they were JoanJoan), who you may remember having previously added vocals to a No Surprises song:

Her reaction:

The live announcement:

It would’ve been way cooler for the former PiGU to then launch into ripping rendition of pretty much any of melt music’s wild-ass dancehall stuff, but that clearly wasn’t in the cards. Still pretty cool!

Oh and this is what they look like as a unit now:

I honestly thought this one from Elfloat was an ayumikurikamaki throwback for a minute:

This is my official protest against DAIDAIDAI’s new outfits:

I do however want to forever embrace former 969er Inoue Yume and her band’s choice of Halloween attire:

I find myself deeply compelled by this project from Kanano from ZOC and her apparent sister:

Enjoy this interview of Broken By The Scream from our friends at Chaotic Harmony:

APOKALIPPPS artist photo!

There are much worse things in the world than whatever Hinata’s doing here:

Clip Corner

Even more of the Full Power Girls R experience:

A little more of my girls in Wonder Lander:

One of these days, we’ll get something new and fresh from XTEEN:


I apparently started following SOL here once:

We haven’t seen Cecil in a while:

A new (re-recording) album from Not Secure, Loose Ends:

Elsewhere in the family though:

Bury with the idol formerly known as Akari threatens to be even more of one of my favorite things:

BYS bless us every one:

Have a great weekend!