Your Homicidols Weekender #153

Well that was certainly a week, wasn’t it? Idol is just the most infuriating thing. Yes, musical acts disband or retire all the time in every scene, but I’m yet to encounter a comparative for how deliberately and frequently it’s the practice in idol, and that after the incredible effort put into the endeavor by everybody involved. And people wonder why I resist going Full Wota! Anyway, 2019 has been pretty much the worst of all worlds.

And yet we slog on! Look, Idol Halloween will begin in earnest next weekend, and with it a pretty darn good season. There are plenty of releases in autumn, and then Idol Christmas happens, and of course we’ll be in Best Of mode before you know it. So just as you’re thinking, but Maniac, this is all bad and dumb, guess what: It’ll get better, because it’s idol and it always does. Now go play the Fun.

Pushy, Pushy

Our girls CY8ER going major:

I know, I too was surprised that they hadn’t yet been picked up

December single on the way from Candy GO!GO!:

Arisaka Emi is an absolute treasure:

Okay, this is epic:

Aptly named title from Codomomental’s atypically typical tradols:

This is some serious Catching Up, in that Diable Voix released this single almost two months ago:

In a similar vein, I wanted to check in on my girl Sakohata Aya and was rewarded with this:

Thought you might like seeing POMERO horsing around:

Just Watanabe monetizing suffering:

Idol in Focus

To sort of keep up with a theme from last week, there’s actually plenty of good material around Wagamama Kiite, it’s just spread out and now a full post would be poorly timed, so whatevs. Weekender!

If you follow Kiite, you know that they had some fairly recent troubles. Idol, man. But they released these songs to make it apparent that they’re not dead and are in fact doing things, and oh look here’s the whole group shared in a way that I’ve never seen before:

Wagamama Kiite, everybody.

That Melon Batake a go go one-man looks like it was an excellent time:

Who are these girls and why are they shooting an MV in a boutique hotel’s upstairs hallway?

I feel like I don’t know what to call them anymore, but Emomomomo whatevs are putting out a live DVD:

This Attain Music thing:

I never seem to get around to real posting about them, so here’s some Lily of the Valley:

Clip Corner

How about some MIGMA SHELTER?

NECRONOMIDOL never gets old, man:

I feel very strongly that Wonder Lander needs more live stuff online:

Still getting used to a very idol-like avandoned:

I fairly recently mentioned BAMBi, so here you go:

Not sure that we’ve ever had the honor of doing live sora tob sakana!

Malcolm Mask McLaren are a very good live:

Likewise LADYBABY:

An APOKALIPPPS made an MV appearance:

I say again, penguin forever:

Here’s this whole-ass thing from Task have Fun:

Bury really getting into the spirit of the season here:

Have a great weekend!