Your Homicidols Weekender #152

Hey folks, a little bit of a somber one this time because Japan — you know, the place and culture that makes this stuff we love happen — is getting absolutely assaulted by Typhoon Hagibis and there was apparently an earthquake in more or less the same area at the same time. Short of a radioactive monster suddenly appearing, I don’t know if that situation could get more Japanese. Or worse, frankly. So do the #PrayforJapan thing if prayer’s what you do, or consider that there might be some need for aid in the coming days and what you can do to help. No, buying more cheki from Idol Underground probably ain’t it.

For everybody in a safe place now, though, it does you nor they nor us any good to dwell on bad things, and lookie here at all of these (mostly) good things. You know that idols are going to play a role in a the very least cheer up people affected by the typhoon, after all, so may they right now bring some cheer to you whether you need it or not. Also cheery? Playing the Fun and thinking about idol movies!


Yeah, go read it:

Sans idols Owaranaide, Yoru:

Go get the Gu-Gu LULU single if you know what’s good for you:

Got an extremely fun new one from Full Power Girls R:

A new BiS bites the dust:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is CARRY LOOSE, who arguably should have had the honors (ha) last week, given that we all whiffed on posting about their latest stuff when it happened and then the weekend happened and everybody knows that the past disappears after noon on Saturday, but here we are because I forgot even to do that much and then started this and then it was clear that they’d need a whole post but wouldn’t stop dropping things, so here we are shut up leave me alone.

Anyway, they dropped more songs to listen to and download:

Those older links still worked as of Tuesday, btw, so give ’em a whirl, or just listen the old-fashioned way:

They also have their first one-man scheduled, which you can do when you’re a WACK thing and have beloved people:

And this massive cheki thing:

That’s fun! And now you’re mostly caught up on CARRY LOOSE with the longest Idol in Focus in history!

Dots successor RAY has both an important announcement and excellent English skills!

I see that WASUTA has pretty much given up on their original name, which is fine:

Our girl SOLEIL is hiatusing:

A KING RAGE bites the dust:

Also a The Grateful a MogAAAz:

Clip Corner

Check out Bury!

The ELECTRIC HEARTS girls de-bagged for their live debut:

We’ll do real coverage for Herosyn someday, probably:

Gonna miss you, uijin:

Even if we’ll still have raymay:

Idols doing unapologetic metal are rare anymore, but Lyric Holic Noir is still out here blasting faces off:

This one from the now-dead Babyraids JAPAN got me wondering if something might be afoot:

What the hell, I don’t even remember ever following this group:

Lovely ZOC:

Get at it, BURST GIRL fans:

Speaking of, there’s an absolute mountain of chika and otherwise cameos in this new one from C-Style:

Pretty good company for Broken By The Scream:

Penguin forever:

Have a great weekend!