Your Homicidols Weekender #151

Good morning! Welcome back to Saturday! Yada yada!

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my time, going back to delivering community newspapers for $0.05 each when I was 12. Did I run a gamut from fast food to fine dining? I did! Also worked in construction, light industrial and retail service stuff before and between various creative things. I may be a fancy-pants now, but I didn’t exactly take the easy way to get there, is the point, and I’ve had a whole mess of bosses, good and bad, through the whole thing. My current boss is an excellent study in contrasts, in fact, and kind of sums up the whole experience — she is simultaneously the best and worst boss I’ve ever had, a gifted motivator and leader whose brain just so happens to work exactly like mine … who is also a deeply disordered thinker with no regard for anybody else’s time and a glaring lack of perspective that blinds her to significant issues that begin immediately with her #2.

I say all that to introduce the fact that I didn’t get to participate in #praiseawota yesterday, and it broke my heart. But duty on top of duty called while new duties were piling up, and then getting home was just running from one place to another, and the whole thing unspooled with nary a glance at it from me.

But dang if it wasn’t beautiful. Kerrie’s effort last week inadvertently yanked at some scabs in the community; the love-in that unfolded from #praiseawota is such a blessing to scroll back through that I wish I could scrapbook it. And yeah, I appreciate some kind words thrown the direction of yours truly and ye olde website, but honestly the best thing was seeing people holding up their friends and sending good vibes to and fro across the idolverse.

So anyway, go play the Fun if you haven’t, and praise some wota. And then, my goodness, what a wonderful autumn weekend ahead here. Nothing but good feelings from here on out.


BILLIE IDLE with a new single and an amazing title:

I’m almost too ready for this sure-to-be life-changer from Yanakoto Sotto Mute:

Friend of the site Go Go Going Now! captured Aina’s interview with Keanu Reeves, which went about as you’d expect:

This queen though:

Right, that new You’ll Melt More! trainee group:

Chris would be mad if I didn’t share the latest from Osaka Shunkashuto one way or another:

This thing from Attain Music:


Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is DESURABBITS. Right? It’s kind of awesome. This is cheating a little bit, though, because in reality this week’s Idol in Focus is Emi, who got this solo power ballad that she’s had stored up for years, no doubt:

It even basically features the group, so this isn’t even a stretch

This would have been a Weekender item on its own, sans callout, except that I looked at the rest of their channel and found this now-old clip of them doing a street live, and I thought I’d close the loop with it:

You’re welcome.

I wanted to love this 403 ERROR thing, but I did the opposite of that:

If you’re able to get to this preview of the new Candy GO!GO! single (a daily #1 on Oricon!), do it:

This is so delightfully crappy, I love it:

As a lead in to Clip Corner, let’s enjoy Sari doing her thing:

Clip Corner

I get the feeling that Melon Batake a go go are going to be regulars in here:

A healthy dose of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

A very intimate angle on Aphrodite:



What a excellent clip of Devil ANTHEM:

Me made big contributions to the new HAMIDASYSTEM album:

I’ll keep giving you HALLCA until you tell me to stop:

Sure thing, Ishido Natsumi:

Best friends:

Have a great weekend!