Your Homicidols Weekender #15

What a crazy-ass week! Just about everything that could have happened did, and we got to cap it off with the majestic effort that was #Deathless4Necroma — you guys really are great.

What Else Happened, Maniac?

To build off of that Ayukuma video from Saturday, Phillter sent over this older video of them engaged in a Japanese game show kind of amusement part visit:

Maki is alpha kuma


Kayseur added an old bit on KIRAKIRA GERIRA:

It links back to the little video post I did on them, which thereby now creates a perfect Escherian ouroboros of referrals back and forth. LO THE INTERNET.

Of course, John then reviewed them:

This is the single best thing that ever showed up on Twitter:

Actually, my mind is changed:

Whose idea was it to stick these two together in the same room?

Ex-DISDOL leader Takahashi Natsumi released the full version of her debut MV:

There There Theres were joined onstage by an old friend the other night:

Why does this exist?

I’m sharing this with you because 1. now we’re past pirate idols and have moved on to 18th century British navy idols, and 2. what a neat tweener thing. It’s like warm milk, no intensity at all, but pleasant and soothing:

Lolisyn, who once upon a time were among the handful of units that the newbie Western fan could ID and appreciate, closed up shop last year, then almost immediately rebooted (as 564 REBOOT), and then basically never did anything. Well, now they’re officially done:

What could have been (or was, but could have been forever):

When I think of great management, I think of PAC IDOL. /wanking motion

Desu.Rabbits are still in YouTube purgatory, but our pal Seby Saeki has a ton of DR content saved and re-upped, including this live solo performance by Emi:

Just in case you needed a reminder that the girl can sing.

Had you seen this live video of The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby?


Some snark was sent BiSH’s way for the pretty lame trailer they released for their upcoming single, so let’s not spare Attain Music, original home of one Peri Ubu, from the same:

First album, though!

Here’s a fresh demo track from Koutei Camera Gal:

Jul pointed out to me the other day that Inoue Yume, formerly of 969 and briefly of Aphrodite, had in fact moved on to another project. A band! Where she gets to sing and play guitar!

This is almost definitely the last that we’ll get to see your work (on these pages, at least), so good for you, Yumeneko!

You guys, go get your groove on.

Happy freakin’ Saturday.

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