Your Homicidols Weekender #146

Good morning! Man, does it feel good to Weekender again a little bit. To give you just the tiniest bit more detail about why I disappeared for a couple of weeks, as of seven days ago I had this incredible anxiety about being able to handle all of the things in front of me, and I dealt with that by shutting down a lot of the things that I’d ordinarily do. And while I’m talking about that with the right people and getting a better understanding of it, I also know that usually the best therapy for me when I have trepidation about something is to just dive right in. And so, while I thank Team for holding it down on the Weekender front, I also revel this very moment in having stuck my arms up to the shoulders in idol’s guts for the week and pulled out some good stuff.

Love what you love, gang. And if the Fun is any indication, there’s a lot of love out there.

Oh, Weird, Okay

For the record, we easily topped FRUITPOCHETTE’s crowdfunding needs:

This was going to be its own post until I saw that most of the files are restricted by YouTube, but hey, theoretically you can listen to all of the new PEDRO album for free!

Wtf you guys, why didn’t somebody tell me that REGiNA KiSS is dead?

And that melt music is dying, ffs:

The idol world doesn’t talk about Fullfull Pocket nearly enough:

Have we talked about the weird feeling inside of SAKA-SAMA leveling up in new members by adding Mizuho?

Which, considering that my feed was dullsville every time I checked in this week (well, except for things that actually got covered), naturally prompted me to want to listen to Natsu no Mamono for the first time since she left:

This POPPING EMO thing:

And speaking of things named emo:

And of wordplay, new thing from from!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Re:LAYz, who ist kaput:

Here’s the last live of theirs you’ll see (probably)!

Nothing quite like keeping the focus on the bad stuff!

And speaking of bad stuff, this 969 video is the saddest thing:

When you’re avandoned, you get people with awesome names to write your stuff:


And Wonder Lander:

And clips from xoxo EXTREME’s band-accompanied one-man:

Here’s a special one for you liNGliNG stans out there:

I think this is the first new Armor Girls I’ve seen in forever:

Here’s Yanakoto Sotto Mute performing some tipToe.

And here’s tipToe returning the favor by performing some Yanamute.

The longer you let this loop, the deeper it etches into your brain:

Have a great weekend!