Your Homicidols Weekender #145

It’s backwards week here at Slodicimoh where lot’s of newbies (and Sari) made the front page while the A-listers are populating the weekender. Also, don’t forget that the Friday Fun is never limited to Fridays… you can join in at any time!

First up, the best news in for-freaking ever: Honoka will return to performing with Minna no Kodomochan at their tour final on 8/29.

Congratulations to Fruitpochette for hitting their crowdfunding target!!  Now we have a single, MV and nation-wide tour of Japan to look forward to.

Speaking of the most promising acts from 2015, Party Rockets announced that they will be calling it quits in February, 2020. Haruka will party on as a soloist.

Burst Girl would like you to know they have finally joined the digital revolution and uploaded some tunes to your favorite streaming service.

Yua from RAY has begun sharing commentaries on various albums. Her inaugural piece seems to suggest she’ll be picking up the revered classics of alternative/indie/postmodern music. Naturally, she starts off with the iconic masterpiece of shoegaze, My Bloody Valentine‘s “Loveless”. She promises to talk about New Order next!

NEMLESSS is playing her first overseas show – get to Sweden if you can!

Osaka’s scribble scritch have DROPped their debut MV, for this sweet tune:

What if YONEKO created a temporary Soundcloud account that was just 22 tracks of original trap music? Wonder no more:

And don’t forget to keep throwing votes her way for Miss iD2020.

Also don’t forget @JAM EXPO is happening is happening this very weekend! (Well, it’s already started actually, timezones you know.) They’ll be plenty of artists you love, so keep an eye out for little bits of video showing up here and there, and enjoy all the idol updates from the event. Follow their twitter account, and the hashtag #アットジャム to keep up with the goodness…

The Idol +1D Facebook page has been livestreaming the event, so if you haven’t abandoned FB yet, you may be able to catch it there.

Enjoy your weekend!!