Your Homicidols Weekender #14

My favorite teaser of the week was this one from You’ll Melt More’s Loneliness and Counterattack EP. Nobody does it better.

Please be from the “loneliness” part of the title …

TGU had the story of the week with this breakdown of the idol vs. idol arm wrestling put on by Tower Records:

Here’s ex-DEEP GIRL Non doing what she really wants to be doing:

I’ll miss her crowdkilling in the pits, but whatever, the girl can sing. So can Ayumi from Party Rockets GT:

When you have smart people in charge, you do smart things. Like how NECRONOMIDOL now has an international shop to get music and merch!

Yurimaru originally just added a track on Soundcloud, but then that turned into a whole playlist:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da talked about the release of “Sophomore Sick Sacrifice” in one of the Skream sessions that Codomomental seems to have locked down:

It’s really good, btw.

Check out the latest from SAKA-SAMA:

Did you want to see another PassCode reaction video?

After their fine Billie Idle work, I want to see Bekah and Ashley dance again:

How about a live clip from WA-Side?

Have the weekend you deserve!

2 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #14

  1. I’m glad you posted those SAKA-SAMA videos! I was meaning to ask if you had seen them, because they’re really winning me over. I bought that TRASH-UP!! CD compilation that came out recently, and the disc closes with a SAKA-SAMA song, but it’s less than two minutes long and is sort of an oddball throw-away track. (It sounds like a demo out-take where they were just goofing off.) It doesn’t really give you anything to form an opinion on. The YouTube videos, on the other hand, are giving us a better grasp of how the group is coming along and I’m enjoying them greatly. A double-bill of them with DOTS would be a prefect evening for me…..

  2. That TGU recap of the arm wrestling event is the most intense chronicle I’ve read all year. And Jyu Jyu looks great on stage in the first set of photos.

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