Your Homicidols Weekender #137

Good morning! Man, what a week in idol. I wasn’t quite expecting it, to be honest, and it really was buoyed at the end by Babymetal’s very loud insistence on immediately becoming super-relevant again, but still. I hadn’t felt so energized in a while. It was nice!

And of course the ancillary outcome of so much going on is that we have a jam-packed Weekender, the likes of which we’ve only flirted with for the last little while. See, the way it usually works, I get little blocks of time during the day when I can look through Twitter and notice things, or one of my preset notifications looks promising, or somebody will say “hey did you see the thing” and any one of those can become a Weekender item, or maybe it’s the thing that I wanted to devote a whole post to and didn’t get a timely chance to, etc. But did I have that much more time for Twitter or anything this week? Nope! In fact, I arguably had less. It was just that much harder to miss all of the stuff going on.

So enjoy this. And then, after playing the Fun, stop looking at electronic devices and join my party for a tubing cruise down the upper reaches of the Potomac River later today, or be wishy-washy like me about going to a friend-of-a-friend’s going-away party in the evening but then still go anyway. Like, it may be just as brutally hot where you are, and oppressively, cloyingly humid, but it’s also summer, and we only get so much time like this. Do fun things!

You Make It Sound Like a Chore

Don’t you ever forget that Yanakoto Sotto Mute has absolutely no equal:

Getting the Captain to talk about you must be pretty cool!

They get a mention every 18 months at best, but check it — Bakuon Dolls Syndrom has an EP!

Just a couple of WILL-O’ dance videos:

Much love for this one from mikichu:

One gets the feeling that the new POMERO album is very aptly titled:

It’s old news now, but so it’s gone for ayumikurikamaki that I see this announcement and the artist photo and feel nothing but major-label regret:

It turns out that this is what RABBITS★Lab had cooking:

I was just exposed to this, so you can enjoy it too:

A nice bit of live KINGRAGE or however they prefer to style it nowadays:

There’s basically no chance that this brings back Especia, but a guy can hope:

This is a fun one from COLOR’z:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is No Plan, who … have we ever even talked about them? No? Well, they’re like perfect for summer:

Take that, any bad feelings!

Bonus Idol in Focus

This week’s bonus Idol in Focus is You’ll Melt More!, who, well, this is cheating. I’d started a post about their new MV …

… which is of course exquisite and lovely and fun, and proving yet again that their best is better than everybody else’s best.

And because I felt really strongly about this, here’s a whole live:


Big graduation for 969:

And a literally big graduation en masse for SAKA-SAMA:

The live version of one of uijin’s latest singles:

The never-quite-took-off Meteonomicon is getting rebooted later in the summer:

And Living Dead I Dolls re-debut tomorrow!

Because the universe hates me in particular apparently, now Yakko is leaving Q’ulle:

Excellent live by the wonderful Shihatsu-machi Underground:

And, per usual, Ladybaby:

Big-ass show for CY8ER:

Just thought you might enjoy a little more live melt music:

Oh man, who else remembers BuS?

This MIGMA SHELTER track though:

Hey Yuffie!

Have a great weekend!