Your Homicidols Weekender #136

Good morning! Ah, the first weekend of true summer. I’ll admit that it started off pretty weak for me last night. I was trying to get a table at a rooftop club to enjoy the longest evening and latest sunset of the year, only for both of the places that I’d scoped out not actually having a rooftop, and so I settled instead for a nice patio situation with a fountain and lightning bugs that really seemed to want my kebab. So it goes!

But yes, friends, it’s summertime for most of us, and the energy of the season has been trickling more and more through idol lately. Big names, little names, no-names and more are all flexing more, and more frequently, as we’re only now a little over a month out from TIF and @JAM and goodness knows what all else. Plenty of good stuff now, and more to come.

So enjoy. Idol loves Halloween and Christmas and Twin-Tails Day and Golden Week and on and on, but idol is made for summertime. Let that spirit carry you. Play the Fun. Dig in.

You Say the Same Things about a Lot of Things

First order of business! You’ve almost certainly heard the new Babymetal single by now, and you no doubt have an opinion. Cool. Daemon and I, I think, both considered posting about it, but honestly the most fun thing was just watching the hilarity unfold, and by “hilarity” I mean “people who lecture people online about Babymetal going berserk over Babymetal doing a Babymetal.” It was pretty great. But yeah, I’m sure that there’s a real MV on the way, and we can all talk about it more when the time comes.

Some live QUEENS:

Cool new demo from CROSSNOESIS:

Find me anything better than going off-script:

A little FunFunFun from former twisted clown idol Lulu Summertree:

So this is what hanging out with Lein must be like?

It’s that time of year again! Re-acquaint yourself with Full Power Girls R:

The full trailer for the new cana÷biss album which, uh, is already out, but still!

Minna no Kodomo-chan is among the world’s greatest gifts:

Our girl Yoneko has a new project that I’m sure won’t be weird at all:

And from part of the wreckage of BiS2:

Good to see my girl Pan getting a job though

Remember when it seemed like Emomomomomomomomomomomomomo might be kind of a big deal at some point?

Good lord, Malcolm Mask McLaren bringing the damn pain on that new B-side:

New logo, new look from KAQRIYOTERROR:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is nobody, for that’s who really warrants it. It happens sometimes!

WILL-O”s new single did pretty well on the charts, and boy are they proud of it:

Oh oops, now it’s probably too late to get in on this DAIDAIDAI promo:

These album details from Wagamama Rakia feel like old news, but they’re making a big deal about it as of yesterday, so:

I suspect that the full-on adults in REGiNA KiSS receive no compensation for this explicit product placement:

The new avandoned single:

I can’t recall whether I’d shared this Ladybaby clip, and I’m too lazy to check:

Cool shirt, liNGliNG:

Have a great weekend!