Your Homicidols Weekender #135

Happy Saturday! This post comes to you, friends, at a time of fun and merriment. Yeah, it was another slower week, but big-time stuff took up the bulk of the activity, and we’re in that spring/summer crossover point where a lot of new groups start to emerge into the consciousness while the up-and-coming very excitedly promote to death their appearances at TIF and other festivals. It’s neat.

Not that most of that made it in here, of course, because I was asleep at the wheel for the most part, but that’s fine. My own personal end-of-tunnel light is shining a little bit, so I can hopefully get back into the swing a little bit and actually, you know, live up to my dumb name. I did decide, though, for want of time and availability and to keep things interesting, that Queen of the Scene is going to be a different kind of contest this year. No more tiaras, no more Official Oshis (sorry Saki, I did you wrong), no more wrestling — this time, we aim higher, and we choose for ourselves a different sporting event to emulate. Something … more international.

But that’s not now! That’s in a few weeks! Right now it’s time to not do more hard work, time to relax and retool and enjoy. For instance, the Fun, which should be tickling your brain right now. Also, the Weekender as a replacement for your morning coffee!

Nothing Replaces Coffee

The newest one from EMPiRE is such a good jam, you guys:

Malcolm Mask McLaren doing everything right here:

Inexplicable rabbit-themed multimedia project that often works through idol RABBITS Lab has something afoot:

You got it, Yuki:

We got a new single coming from 969:

Go get that new raymay single while you can!

And prepare yourself for new MIGMA SHELTER!

The gig looks amazing, but stick for the from track:

Reminder: Maina is one of the unique vocal talents in this business and is wasting her time in SSFW:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Ladybaby, who appeared at Anime Matsuri in Houston in what was sort of suddenly one of the quietest notable-idol appearances on foreign shores that I’ve ever seen. I guess that campaign against AM went pretty well! Anyway, a story told in pictures:

with captions

If you’d like to be in the second generation of NEO JAPONISM:

Similarly, the question of “what is happening with Lolisyn?” has been answered:

I effectively canned the Oshi Digest because whether I could keep up with it got to be merely speculative, but it’s good to see the OG still being the damn OG:

Part of why I’ve been saying for literal years that idols coming West need to be doing gigs with reasonably established “local” bands is the kind of marketing reach that gaijin-senpai can give:

Remember when BiSH was a plucky chika group that played gigs in all the Shibuya and Shinjuku clubs and hung out with other idols?

Our girl Kotao staying busy out there:

It’s official, GRATIA-ALA two-steps better than anybody else in idol:

Have a great weekend!